What’s the Glowing Care Method in a Vacation Spot?

[by Lee Hye Jeong] August is the season that an increased amount of people go on vacation. Going to the ocean or mountains to avoid the heat for vacation, these people enjoy their time day-by-day.

Even though they are on vacation, we provided a list of things to care for in beauty care for these people. We introduce the care method of making a more glowing face in a vacation spot.


Blocking UV rays is the most important for those who are enjoying exciting daily life in a vacation spot. This is because while enjoying long outdoor activities during your vacation, you can be exposed and defenseless to the glaring sunlight.

Let’s meticulously put on sunblock to protect our skin from the sunlight at least 30 minutes before outdoor activity. After that to make your skin look healthy and moist put on some CC cream as some base makeup. When doing this it’s possible to choose a product that also has better SPF ability to precisely block UV rays.  


In the time that you excitingly enjoy outdoor activity all day long, your face becomes red hot and you can have some parts that are worrisome. In the summer, it’s easy for your skin to become red and your skin that isn’t soothed down will become a worry.

At this time, let’s use a simple mask and rolling care. On red hot sensitive skin, take care with a mask pack that has natural components that aren’t irritable, and rolling care of course has moisturizing and hydrating effects. 


Vacation is enjoying a long rest but as a trip gets longer your body and mind can get tired. Your tired body and of course your skin can have an outbreak of exhaustion troubles.

At this time for our body and skin let’s do some simple skin care while we sleep by doing a sleeping mask. The last step of sleeping mask skin care is after application, you didn’t need to wash it off and you can just comfortably wash your face in the morning when you wake up. With the ability to relax and prevent aging, and with excellent moisturizing effects, if you choose a pack with lanolin components, you can do complex skin care thus meticulously examining your skin. 

01 KICHO Ultra Moisturizing Suncream Taking care of skin health with extracted germinating soybean components, without residue and stickiness, able to be used refreshingly and moistly, a mild daily-use suncream.

02 KICHO Complete Correction Cream A CC Cream that is a base makeup with multiple abilities of skin care such as complexion improvement, sunblock (SPF30/PA++), wrinkle care, whitening care, etc.

03 KICHO Phyto Refreshing Daily Mask A mask pack that with the components of extracted germinated soybean, it soothes red hot skin, returning your condition to the normalcy. The mask is a cotton sheet without the use of fluorescent brightening agents and excludes 6 chemical components that make the skin sensitive, thus you can use it safely.

04 KICHO CAMELIA SLEEPING PACK A sleeping pack with the effects of skin soothing and anti-aging, as well as excellent moisturizing effects, it uses camellia oil (Camellia) and ginseng, rose water, lanolin (sheep oil) as main components to provide complex skin care during sleep. (photo by Kicho, bntnews DB)

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Write: 2017-08-01 15:23:31 / Update: 2017-08-01 22:49:44

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