Scalp Troubles Accompanied with Dandruff, What is the Right Care Method?

[by Hwang Yeon Do]  Scalp itchiness and dandruff accumulated on your shoulders, even if you brush your hair once, your hair that heavily falls onto the floor, are these worries that appeal to you? If so, you should suspect scalp dermatitis. 

Recently, in the hot weather strong, your scalp is on fire and sebum excretion is on the rise due to strong UV rays, making it easy for a stench and scalp troubles to appear. Even if only a few hours pass by, greasy hair and dead skin cells form perfectly but how do entertainers maintain smooth and dry scalp and shiny hair? 
For those who want to improve damaged scalp and hair but are concerned because you don’t know the proper method, we prepared this for you. Let’s check out the right scalp care method.
Dandruff that Doesn’t Disappear, What is the Reason for Scalp Dermatitis? 

Dandruff is a common ailment that is suffered by 40% of adults.  Dandruff is the epidermis dead skin cells on the scalp that has fallen out. If you have a heap of dandruff and you have itchiness at all times, you should be suspicious of having scalp dermatitis. 
Scalp dermatitis is a type of eczema that continues for a long period of time while being an inflammatory disease in which sebum secretion occurs. The reason why scalp dermatitis occurs is not clear but specialists suggest that stress and strong foods, excessive sebum excretion etc. as reasons. 
Especially through the hot and humid environment in the summer, scalp fungus can be breeded, making it the optimal environment for creating dermatitis. The strong sunlight and summer temperature that cause scalp heat is one of the reasons that aggravate scalp dermatitis.
The Correct Scalp Care Method that Resolves Scalp Dermatitis 

Dandruff and scalp dermatitis go hand in hand so it’s not a trifle thing to overcome but it’s necessary to quickly treat it. If you don’t treat it in the early stages, it has the ability to spread to the face and the whole body.
In order to resolve scalp troubles, specialized treatment is important but over anything, it’s important to change your life habits. It’s good to not often visit sauna, jjimjilbang, etc. places in which the environment is a high temperature that can cause scalp heat. Also, it’s good to food that is sweet or has a lot of sugar because it accelerates sebum excretion. When you return home from going out, in order to clean and remove foreign substances from your scalp an important care method is to know and practice correct shampooing methods. 
Mastering Good Shampooing Methods in Scalp Care

There are many people who think that in order to remove oil, they need to wash their hair often, however if you excessively do it, it becomes dangerous. Rather than frequently washing hair, you make your hair stiff, and can make your scalp dry. In the summer washing once a day, if it’s not a winter oily scalp, washing once every two days is okay. 
We suggest that while it’s good to wash your hair at night to remove dust and sebum that has accumulated on your scalp and hair, it’s good to shampoo for up to 5 minutes. If you shampoo for longer than that, the chemical components can irritate your scalp.  

Honestly, the best method for scalp dermatitis care requires investing money to care for it but if the results aren’t as you wish, choosing an excellent shampoo that has scalp scaling effects is enough. Ecomine’s shop-in-shop brand Pilaso Clean Shampoo is a product that beauty salons use for scalp care, removing excessive sebum and reducing itchiness, making the scalp clean. In addition, it doesn’t include irritative chemical materials, making it a suitable scalp dermatitis shampoo.   
Through Clean Shampoo, after washing and cleaning contaminated scalp and hair , in order to focus on strengthening the scalp, the night time when cells are restored, let’s consult in a more effect scalp supplement Clean Scalp Tonic that supplies. (photo by bntnews DB, Ecomine)

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