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‘Vacation Season’ How to Block UV Rays

[by Kim Min Soo] As heatwave advisories are issued, heat has become a serious problem recently, so what are the methods of protecting one’s skin starting from the sun?

In order to completely block out strong sunlight, it’s good to use products that have moisturizing and soothing effects. Especially as we enter the vacation season, helpful sun products that can be used in vacation spots are becoming a high interest for women. 

We introduce three makeup products that will unchangingly maintain female beauty in vacation spots protecting the skin that is harmed by UV rays.  

#Mist that Blocks UV Rays 

Compared to cream that is hard to reapply, able to be easy and conveniently used, the sunblock mist moistly maintains crumbly skin that has lost moisture, softly permeating the skin and making it more light and refreshed. 

Not only that, it can also be used in areas in the body such as the arms or legs. Especially, the product has the effects starting from protecting the skin from the hot and detrimental UV rays to revitalizing and hydrating tired skin.

#Foundation in Order for Natural Skin 

Rather than heavy skin makeup in the vacation season, it becomes a disturbance. Instead of covering up the blemishes, like a makeup-less face, it’s better to show skin makeup that is natural and lightly amends your skin tone. We suggest the while milk cushion as the most helpful for sunblock in vacation spots.

Thus presenting skin tone as is, you maintain refreshed skin while blocking strong sun filters. In addition, the soft milk cream texture takes care of milky skin state all day long comfortably. 

#Skin Care and Sun Care in One 

It’s important to care meticulously from the day’s start to finish, the skin’s accumulated stress in daily life. In order to do that, the key is to maintain moisturizing and soothing effects at the same time. Cedar wood cream deeply hydrates dry skin and soothes comfortably the skin condition from the skin stress received in daily life. 

Under the hot sun, there is a vicious cycle in which oiliness rises and moisture evaporates. The method of use is after taking a suitable amount of contents, apply it softly to your skin, lightly tapping it.  

Moisture Cream Application Tip

1. If used after refrigeration, it lowers the temperature of red-hot skin immediately, and when skin is rough, apply a light coat three times a day to make it more robust.   
2. When you need to fix your makeup, put some of the refrigerated cream on a soft square sponge, slightly skimming over your existing makeup, and then add base makeup on top. The moisturizing balm formula moisturizes and soothes skin as if you did a mask, making your skin moist. 
3. Lastly, like a sleeping mask, let’s generously spread it on our face. It soothes the skin that is burned by the strong sunlight and tired from daily life. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda 3CE) 

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