Attention! 3 Foods that are More Delicious when Grilled

[by Lee Hee Soo] By cuisine, completely different food texture and flavor is put in food.  With the endless possibilities, the food of the world is is plentiful and not excessive.

 In different cuisine while grilling with fire or hear, the method is different starting from how long the food is kept with heat. When grilling food, what foods have a more flavor? Let's look into cooking with a frypan on induction or a stove. 

Keeping Chewiness ‘Cheese’

When added into western food like risotto, steak, and pasta and of course fried rice, rolled omelette, ramyun etc. cheese is the final touch. Able to add a savory and deep flavor, it is well loved.

From parmesan to ricotta to mascarpone, the diversified cheese world. Usually we eat and finish our recipes by slightly sprinkling a bit of cheese or putting in cube or sliced cheese. Among those when you slightly toast mozzarella cheese, it is of a soft and chewy food texture. When put with gently melted beef, it is a perfect combination.
Oiliness Disappear! Clean 'Chicken'!

Chicken freshly fried in clean oil has a savory smell and visuals that make you salivate. Dressed in batter it ends up having a crisp texture, fried chicken has no one who can refuse it. If you put in seasoning that you like, you can enjoy it as seasoned chicken. 

When chicken is fried, it is important to check out the harmful trans fat in the oil but when you grill chicken, you can become free of this problem. Oven-baked chicken brand Goobne Chicken bakes chicken cleanly and healthily. Among their original menu items is the pure oven baked chicken that is delicious and low in calories. Recently they have presented seasoned Goobne Galbi King of a galbi grill taste and the Goobne Volcano's spicey taste as a chicken-rice menu item have been popular. 

Meanwhile, Goobne Chicken started in Korea and has branches in Hong Kong, Japan, China and Macau.  On January 18th, 2017, Goobne Chicken opened their Suzhou, China branch that has become a hot place regardless of age or sex. 

Sweetness UP by 3 Times! 'Banana'

With a soft and creamy texture, generously making you feel full even with eating only one, the banana. It's sweet charm is that it's easy to peel away and isn't too inconvenient to enjoy. 

It's good to add to toast or cereal and even though milk is the mane of many foods, you can substitute it with banana. Without being too much of a hassle, when bananas are grilled, you can properly experience the sweetness. It might be unfamiliar to grill fruits, but if you try grilling it once, you will fall for the sweet and slightly melted banana.
(photo by Goobne Chicken, E-mart Mall, bntnews DB)


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