Stars’ Common Ground of Not Appearing Aged just like Go Hyun Jung-Kim Hee Sun-Lee Na Young

[by Hwang Sohee] Including hollow splay-footed wrinkles and increasing eye wrinkles, face fat that becomes saggy will naturally form the older you get but every time you look in the mirror you cannot hide your upset mind.  If it were possible you would turn back time and return to your fresh 20s in which you boasted of smooth and resilient skin but as if it’s only nonsense, time does not wait for you.  We reveal the secrets of the unchanging image of stars to those who sigh when seeing the traces of aging when they look in the mirror. 

When watching stars on TV, those who are of the same age might question why they don’t have as few wrinkles or skin sagging as the stars. What is the secret to these stars keeping a beautiful unchanged image even though time passes? 

Go Hyun Jung, Kim Hee Sun, Lee Na Young, Goo Hyesun, Yoon Seungah, etc. all have a common point that they are representative baby face stars. These stars have firm faces and honey faces that boast moist and smooth skin, showing living a life that is much younger than their actual age. 

Although there’s simply the phrase ‘All things yield to time’, let’s follow the secrets to maintain smooth skin like Go Hyun Jung, Kim Hee Sun, and Lee Na Young that present an unchanging image, receiving the envy of women,

The basis of smooth skin without wrinkles is washing the face cleanly. These stars of course have their own respective cleansing method that maintains elasticity of the skin. Go Hyun Jung who made known that she thinks that skin health is most important has stated that she uses a downy hair cleansing method to maintain her baby face without wrinkles. Using lukewarm water, foam cleanser, and cold water for 15 minutes, Go Hyun Jung’s cleansing method is to first wash hands for a clean state before washing the face, and the point is to alternately wash the face from the opposite direction of the downy hair in the foam cleanser stage. At this time, if the water is hot, your skin becomes dry and wrinkles can form so don’t forget to wash with cold water. 

Kim Hee Sun who has shown an unchanging image for 20 years uses a carbonated water cleansing method to care for swelling and skin elasticity. Mixing water and carbonated water with a 1:1 ratio soak the face with the mixture for 10-20 seconds and through lightly absorbing, it helps skin elasticity. 

Lee Na Young who shows off glowing skin, made known a double cleansing method that get rids of waste in order to maximize skin elasticity that has been damaged by thick makeup. Especially while doing base make-up or rejecting thick makeup, through adequately taking in moisture, working hard to maintain firm skin. 

It’s important to strengthen the skin basics of cleansing methods but if you want to solve the root issue of wrinkled and droopy skin that has lost its elasticity, the specialized method of getting an area transplant can have more effective results. 

Director Bae Joon Sung (specialist in plastic surgery) of JK Plastic Surgery Clinic that is famous for area transplants advised, “In order to have healthy skin and a baby face style, you need constant efforts towards lifestyle habits. Exercise or regulating eating habits to care for a healthy body and if you want a more precise change, you can consider the solution of saving your face’s volume through an area transplant.” 


Area transplants gather the patient’s unneeded area from their thighs, abdomen, etc., extract it, and transplant it to the area in which the face is hollow. It is a surgical method that gives the face volume while also making a three-dimensional baby face.

Director Bae Joon Sung states, “This is a solution method for those who worry in the case in which the cheeks are hollow or the eyelids are hollow etc., as one ages the fat in one’s face disappears or wrinkles and skin sagginess. Because it is a procedure that gathers one’s own area and transplants it, it is important to have an in-depth consultation with a skilled specialist and then decide the proper procedure and extent.” 

JK Plastic Surgery, which was awarded as the best partner of foreign partner patients in Gangnam-gu, does a one-stop preoperative surveillance system that prioritizes accurate diagnosis and analysis as well as the patient's current health status. In addition, the hospital's in-house anesthesiologist is always on site, the clinic has surgery rooms that apply the US FED, Standard209D. Considering the possibility of unavoidable emergencies, they consider the patient's safety to be the top priority, such as building a CPR (emergency response) team and holding emergency kits. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bntnews DB)


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