Chinese Woman Zhujuan’s Shared Medical Treatment Middle of Examination “Thank you JK Plastic Surgery Clinic”

[bye Lee Hye Jeong] JK Plastic Surgery Clinic’s Shared Medical Treatment has reached the middle procedure. JK Plastic Surgery Clinic together with Korea Health Development Institute (Director Lee Young Chan) in Myeongeuijudo, have safely been doing the treatment process of Zhujuan, the recipient of ‘New Face New Dream (hereafter NFND)’. 

Zhujuan has severe burns in her whole body and face as one of the victims of a sudden bus explosion in Shanghai of China in 2008. Zhujuan had 2-3 degree burns in the 57% of her body. With severe wounds in her face, neck, both arms & hands, bottom, both thigh, and right calf, she has received total 50 operations so far. However, she has difficulties in daily life due to severe damage to her face and both hands. 

Thus, Korea Health Industry Development Institute and a start-up company, Myeonguijudo that connects doctors with Chinese patients jointly planned the sharing medical treatment, and Zhujuan was selected as the first beneficiary.

 Meanwhile, JK Plastic Surgery that willingly decided to participate in the sharing medical treatment  through the NFND Campaign, providing free surgery support by continuously inviting children with incurable burns from low-income or single-parent families in Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, and Kazakhstan through New Face New Dream Campaign. This year, it is providing the free surgery to Zhujuan with burns in her whole body by a bus explosion in 2008. 

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic has planned the perfect surgery method and medical treatment plan for Zhu Juan and will take care of all the treatment costs. In addition, Korea Health Development Institute will give full material and emotional support for Zhu Juan’s treatment for whatever expenditures she may need in Korea. 

Because the patient was afraid of surgery, the JK Plastic Surgery medical team explained the treatment through deep consultation with Zhujuan and started with a simple surgery and laser treatment. The second surgery focused on functional improvement, treating the areas by the method of gathering autologous fat and adipose stem cells and injecting them into face and neck scar areas. At the same time, laser scar treatment, under the right eye scar surgery and skin transplant surgery, front chin and neck scar skin transplant, and treatment of shrinking the right ring finger and pinky finger scars.

Zhujuan’s first Korean treatment was successful and after returning to the country, she expressed her thanks to JK Plastic Surgery Clinic and Korea Health Development Institute, Myeongeuijudo, expressing her satisfaction with the surgery results. 

Meanwhile, a representative of JK Plastic Surgery Clinic that was in charge of the treatment stated, “NFND Campaign has a perfect system as a global public interest project with the goal of providing free treatment to severe burn patients of low-income backgrounds. In the future, we will work hard to give hope to these people through continuous public interest activities.” 
(photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic)


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Write: 2017-07-20 16:03:55 / Update: 2017-07-21 00:12:03

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