What’s the Secret to Gugudan Mina-Sejeong’s Fresh Airport Makeup?

[Kim Min Soo] Girl group Gugudan showed up at Inocheon International Airport to leave for Hong Kong to participate in ‘KBEE 2017’. These girls that are gaining popuarlity localy and overseas are becoming the center of public attention as much as the amount of interest in them.  

On this day each member boasted of her individualism. Among them were Mina and Sejeong who gained attention through their cute and lively charms that have become a topic of discussion. Especially showing off natural and fresh makeup that isn’t flashy like that on stage. We investigated these two girls’ beauty sense that was shown at the airport.   


Usually receiving love from viewers for her easy-going and bright image, Sejeong showed flawless perfect makeup. As the only member who was chosen as the muse for a makeup brand, she presented zero-defect skin, freshly finishing off with fresh makeup as if it wasn’t there. 

The key to Sejeong’s makeup is expressing beautifully more than the skin color. Being natural while perfectly covering flaws, the characteristic of being able to show off your own skin color. 

Editor comment


The core of idol airport makeup is pleasantly plain. More than flashy makeup, it’s not too overboard and they prefer makeup that gives off a comfortable feeling. At this time in light touch up, it’s good to use a pure cream that will tone up your skin, making it bright and beautiful. 

Continuity is a given and if you’re a woman any one wants to complete pale pure skin, conveying moistness and beauty. The order is after finishing Kicho’s stages, you can use The White Platinum Edition or if you want to lightly use it, you can use it after taking care of your skin. 


Member Mina who boasted of her overwhelming looks, emphasized her clearly skin with pink color lip makeup adding on a fresh point. Wearing a feminine pink one piece dress, she presented her curled eyelashes, showing off a doll-like beauty.  

Like this fresh makeup fits well with yellow tone skin or pale faces. In addition, using lip balm and finishing off with a moist lip base makeup, and putting on a blusher that goes well with your skin tone is good. 

Editor comment

It’s not good to do complicated procedure makeup of foundation, shadow, eyeliner, mascara, etc. wrongly for too long.  If you are worried about your sensitive skin, let’s use 3CE Cedar Wood Day Cream that helps skin care and sun care. With a strong moisturizing effect, it maintains a calm skin condition by calming irritated and sensitive skin.  

Not only that, at the source of aging and pigment sedation, it is a sunblock that blocks UVA and UVB, protecting your skin allowing you to do normal everyday activities as well as recreational activities with no worries. (photo by bntnews DB, Milky Dress, Stylenanda 3CE) 

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Write: 2017-07-20 11:35:57 / Update: 2017-07-20 11:10:33

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