Catch Up to Sulli’s Natural Makeup!

[by Kim Min Soo] Actress Sulli who started out in girl group f(x) that has a 4-dimensional charm that is always the topic of discussion. She is recently showing a shocking image through the movie ‘Real’ and has gained a lot of interest. Her innocent yet natural makeup is capturing the eyes of the public. 

Especially, at official events or real-time uploads through SNS, selfies, etc. boasts of a unique beauty through clean skin without blemishes and one-point makeup. Introducing ‘wannabe star’ of people from their teens to 30s’, Sulli’s perfect natural makeup presenting tips.

#Sulli Style in Instagram

Normally receiving a lot of interest for her lovely looks, Sully often shows natural makeup. With a fashion sense that is trendy in fashion and beauty, she isn’t overboard and does her makeup meticulously, grabbing attention.

Especially her makeup that is receiving attention from a lot of girls is one of the trendy makeup fads. She uses a light tone all over, and on her eyes, lips, cheeks etc. parts that she has confidence in she brings out, emphasizing her own charm. 

Editor Comment

The core of natural makeup is maintaining clean skin tone and beauty. First use a cushion stick to slowly spin on the right side, using an adequate amount lightly to dab on the face. When spreading on the face, it immediately gives a sparkle, quick makeup in the busy morning and the ability to show your skin to have overflowing confidence through some touchup in your daily life.

In addition, the spread that isn’t too thick as it is equally spread on your skin, finishing off your skin tone, creases, wrinkles, and closed pores can be prevented. Especially, the conveniently portable practicality can maintain a moisture texture for women who have coarse skin. 

#One Point Lip Makeup That Catches Attention at Official Events

Although she had low scores she sparkled. Taking on a sensual role in the movie ‘Real’, Sulli captured everyone’s attention in one swoop. Recently she appeared at the VIP press premiere with an upgraded charm full of feminine beauty. 

The determining factor of her one point makeup is the lip. Generally Sulli gives off a lovely atmosphere but in the movie ‘Real’ she doesn’t give a mature feeling but she strongly exudes the feeling of young girl, through one lip color that completely changes the mood. 

Editor Comment

If you want to present yourself with more gorgeous makeup, let’s spread vibrant pink color lipstick from the center to all of the lips. This magnifies gradation and shows more volume to your lips, also adding liveliness to your lips. 

In addition, it contains vegetable oil and butter that are excellent at maintaining moisture, making lips moist and glossy for a long time. Just focusing on the lips and showing minimal makeup everywhere else is good. (photo by bntnews DB, Estee Lauder, Stylenanda, Sulli’s Instagram)


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Write: 2017-07-12 10:41:44 / Update: 2017-07-12 10:49:00

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