Miranda Kerr vs. Shinozaki Ai vs Jun Hyoseong, Who is the Best Bagel Girl by Country?

[by Kim Min Soo] In the exceeding heat of 30 degrees where the humid rainy front comes, the season has full-scale begun. Many people are bracing themselves to prepare for the summer while the bagel girls of each country are becoming a topic of discussion.

Among them is the global star model Miranda Kerr with a glamorous body and beautiful looks that have melted the hearts of many men, Japanese gravure idol Shinozaki Ai who has recently gained popularity in Korea and Korean representative bagel girl, singer Jun Hyoseong.

These women shine even more at official events. Especially their sparkling styling that you can’t take your eyes off of, embosses their fantastic figures, adequately releasing the charisma of a glamour star. Let’s investigate their official event look that even overwhelms the gaze of other stars.

#Miranda Kerr

A name that you may have heard of is Miranda Kerr. When you look at her, it makes you want to say ‘she’s really beautiful’ as she possesses the perfect body and a charming baby face that have earned her the recognition as a ‘Wannabe star’ of women.

In verification of those words, this past April she visited Korea for a brand event and flaunted her slender body line in a colorful one piece dress with a floral pattern. As expected, she showed the image of a global model.

[Editor Pick] Even if your looks aren’t that of a bagel girl, in order to become a serious bagel girl, it’s important to appropriately utilize clothes that emphasize your body line. Show off V-line as is, expose the collarbones to give a sexy feeling, and if you show the beauty of your leg lines, you can ascend as a more perfected bagel girl.

#Shinozaki Ai

Recently making Korean men’s hearts throb is the Japanese gravure idol, singer and actor Shinozaki Ai. She has always had a lot of interest in Korean culture and her chest size that is no less than a G-cup is always shown for its volume as if it will burst.

Her hidden sensual sexiness behind her child-like face could also be verified in Korea. She attended the 2017 Asia Model Festival-MAXIM Model Awards on 2017 and caught attention. As she showed off her flower patterned dress along with her cute face, she boasted of a goddess’s figure.

[Editor Pick] You need to have an outstanding body and looks but that’s not how you become a bagel girl. The clothes that suit you and a little self-confidence can help you join the ranks of a bagel girl also. If it’s a burden to expose your chest like Shinozaki Ai, it’s good to show your chest line with a halter-neck one piece dress, emphasizing your shoulders and back, giving off a unique charm. 

#Jun Hyoseong

Korea’s representative bagel girl is singer Jun Hyosung who shows glamorous East Asian beauty that is supported by many men. Recently, she appeared at a brand event and showed off the standard of a bagel girl.

All entwined in black, she used a mesh material, and presented a shocking style. Especially, the beauty of her healthy legs stood out, increasing her sexiness, her abundant figure overwhelming the attention of the public.

[Editor Pick] Bagel girls enjoy styling with a bustier. Styling that clearly shows cleavage and collarbone are the most dizzying and appealing. It is the same in this case; bagel girls cannot lose their basic self-confidence. If you do not have a voluptuous chest, it is good to layer with some mesh to raise the volume. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)

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