Early Heat Wave, Cool it Down with ‘Stripes’!

[by Kim Min Soo] Light stripe patterns are attracting attention while the midday temperature exceeds 30 degrees. This means the scorching weather that came too early without a chance to feel a fresh breeze is causing many women to be captivated by the charm of lines.

Stripes is a stylish yet sophisticated way to express a variety of styles, ranging from casual looks to feminine looks. It is expected to attract more attention than any other pattern, especially in this season.

# Office look

EXID member Hani visited Incheon International Airport for her overseas schedule. The beauty who attracts attention with her four-dimensional charm, showcased a modern image with a formal look.

In particular, the blouse, with its sleeves detailing the cuff detail, completed a sophisticated airport fashion, and the horizontal and vertical stripes created an overall chic image, as well as sandals to accentuate her sense of fashion.

[Editor Pick] Striped blouses can produce rhythmic styling with any style no matter what they are. However, the style mentioned above can seem boring and dull since it’s enjoyed by many people. At this time, if you express your own personality with slacks with slit detail, you will be able to complete a fashionable office look.

#Feminine Look

The owner of goddess like beauty, Suzy, was a perfect example of romantic femininity at her fan signing event. Along with her recent transformation of short hair to show off her superb beauty, she added bright cheerfulness with a white t-shirt and a one-piece dress with red stripes.

[Editor Pick] If you are not into vivid colors, it's a good idea to choose a white dress with stripes to reveal a romantic sensibility. The stripe dress that emits a feminine beauty makes you more prominent in dating and your daily look.

#Casual Look

If you take a look at singer Soyou’s style, she created a causal yet stylish fashion with a combination of oversized shirts and hot pants. In particular, she proved her fashionista status with only the striped patterns without any additional items, and added an edge by showing off her clavicles in between the exposed shirts.

[Editor Pick] The stripe patterns have undeniably ever-changing charm. You can create trendier look with think block stripes rather than thin patterns. Not only that, it can even be easily utilized by those who have no confidence is style coordination. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)

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Write: 2017-07-10 16:40:41 / Update: 2017-07-10 16:43:26

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