A Close Look at 3 Female Singer Fashionistas’ Styles

[by Kim Min Soo] If you want to become a stylish woman, let's follow these stars. Recently, the fashion of the singer Hyun-a, Soyou, and Tae Yeon, who showed up at the airport and Music Bank on the way to work, is gathering hot topics.

Famous for being fashionable, they also showed trendy and extraordinary styling as fashionistas. If you are a woman who has always been interested in fashion, it is natural to dream of fashionable assembly like them.

We take a closer look at the fashion that looks more trendy and special through these stars who have created style with unique charms.


Sexy icon singer Hyun-a was at the Gimpo International Airport to leave for Tokyo, Japan. She has a lot of interest in fashion and has added stronger points with her oversized jacket and showed her fashionable presence again. Especially, she pulled off layering a white inner and see-through dress in a fashionable way to emphasize her fashionable force.

[Editor Pick] Let's put on a sleek beige tone oversized jacket over a casual one-piece dress then roll up your sleeves to finalize your fashion sense. You should be able to complete a more elegant look. This is a natural and sophisticated style that can be completed without trying too hard.


The singer Soyou, who is well known for her fashionable sense in the entertainment industry, visited KBS2's public hall on the 2nd to attend the rehearsal for the last Music Bank appearance as the girl group SISTAR. She matched a white shirt with a striped pattern and hot pants, creating a lively and racy vibe. She also exposed her collarbones through her open buttons and radiated an enchanted mood.

[Editor Pick] A bold challenge is the shortcut to becoming a fashionista. There is nothing like hot pants as an item to appeal sexiness. The racy length exudes an eccentric charm, and the leg lines appeal maturity. Also, if you match it with a ruffle detail blouse, you will be reborn as a fashionista.

#Tae Yeon

Tae Yeon is a world-class fashionista who is widely known not only domestically but also overseas with almost 10 million social media followers. Her airport fashion is also effortlessly perfect as she creates a natural styling that is unobtrusive.

She arrived at the airport after she finished her overseas schedule. She was wearing an off-shoulder dress and expressed her femininity as well as slight sex appeal by exposing her delicate shoulders. She also looked effortlessly lovely with a light jacket. 

[Editor Pick] The off-shoulder reveals the shoulder line, so it can be overwhelming to wear it as a daily look, but the delicate and clean image can help you show a variety of personality. By adding a unbalance seem of the skirt, you can emphasize femininity, so you can produce a more stylish look. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)

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Write: 2017-07-10 16:07:48 / Update: 2017-07-10 16:13:10

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