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[By Lim Mi Ae] LOVELYZ’s LOVELY makeup tips that captivate the male hearts with LOVELY charm.

Lovely makeup is a style that is clean and cute, yet feminine. It should be harmonized from skin tone to color makeup such as eyeliner, cheek, lipstick, and so on. In the base makeup phase, it is advisable to use face oil so that the skin does not appear matte.

Add a drop of oil to foundation or BB cream and apply to your skin. It creates smooth glowing effects easily. You have to use the powder to get a unique sticky look of oil, but if you apply too much powder, your skin will dry out. So, instead of the provided puff, apply a small amount with a thick brush.

Mascara M/UP, clean and light

Women want long and beautiful eyelashes. Unfortunately, as the amount of mascara increases, flakes and powder fall out and are more likely to smear. The eyelashes can harden and look like pointy nails. The eyelashes are also prone to breakage because of the weight that eyelashes need to support increases.

The mascara entangled eyelashes are far from long, rich eyelashes. Clean mascara should be completed at once without overcoat. The most effective and convenient method is to rotate the round brush of the mascara rod to wrap it from the base of the eyelash to the end. Wash the used mascara rods thoroughly before you carry them around. It is useful for removing clumped mascara.

If mascara transfers on the eyelids or under the eyes, do not wipe it off right away. Wait until it is completely dry before wiping it with cotton swabs or cotton pads. You can ruin other eye makeups by erasing prematurely.

Which lip makeup is right for me?

Lip gloss is not long-lasting, but it looks transparent and for a moment, it looks fabulous. However, it does not match with full makeup or classic makeup look. Lipstick makes a sophisticated and finished image and lasts for a long time.

There are three basic principles when choosing lipstick colors. Thin or small lips matches well with vivid colors and dark colors should be avoided. Big lips go well with any color, but soft tones are more feminine. The darker the color, the more it reduces the plumpness of the lips. 

Lip brushes and lip pencils are optionally available. Avoid using a dark pencil or brown that contrasts with the color of the lipstick. Remember the purpose of the lip pencil is to match the lipstick and the lip liner together so that no distinction can be made between the two.

Lovely makeup HOW TO

Stylenanda 3CE 'Studio Black Lacquer Mascara' has a triangular rod iron brush with a rich brush that curls up the eyelashes. A strong adhesive resin is coated on the eyelashes, creating a rich volume.

YeaNimm '3D Doll Lash Mascara & Fiber Set', which is an item that produces rich and long eyelashes like a doll without special procedures. It is made up of natural ingredients such as milk protein, and it does not have any symptoms of eye burning or stinging.

Bobbi Brown 'Art Stick' is a long lasting moisturizing formula that features a creamy texture that glides on the lip. If you use a pointed end, you can naturally define the lip line without using a separate lip pencil.

Secret key 'Ice cream tint glow' is good when you want a fresh makeup look. When you lightly tap on the inner part of your lips and rub the bottom lips gently, you will create a cheerful and cheerful impression. If you apply 2 or 3 times, you can look chic and sophisticated. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda 3CE, Yeanimm, Bobbi Brown, Secret Key)

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