Hollywood has Rachel McAdams, Who is the Queen of Romantic Comedy in Korea?

[by Lee Hee Soo] Romantic comedies are romantic while also funny, a genre that most women like. If an actress takes on her role well as the protagonist, she gains popularity as the queen of romantic comedy.

Appearing in movies such ‘The Hot Chick’ in 2002 to ‘The Notebook’, ‘Midnight in Paris’, ‘About Time’, etc. Rachel McAdams is recognized as the charismatic queen of romantic comedy. Especially her childlike innocent sound of laughter and proud image shown in ‘The Notebook’ make the audience burst out in laughter. Then, who is Korea’s queen of romantic comedy? We introduce the suitable actresses to be the queens of romantic comedy.

Seo Hyun Jin 

Recently, rising as a hot star in Korea, actress Seo Hyun Jin has suddenly rose with her lovely face and frank charm. Her undying popularity started from the tvN drama ‘Another Miss Oh’ as her love story with actor Eric and her cute acting captured the small screen. 

Not only that, but as she participated in the tvN drama ‘Let’s Eat 2’, through the lifestyle eating show, she caused viewers to drool. As she gained the nickname ‘Eating Show Goddess’, she is active as the commercial model for oven roast chicken brand ‘Goobne Chicken’. Goobne Chicken’s sweet and slaty ‘Goobne Galbi King’, spicy ‘Goobne Volcano’, etc., and other various menu items are popular among people in their 20s and 30s domestically and overseas. Goobne Chicken now has branches in Hong Kong, Macau, China and Japan, and opened their first branch in Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui in 2014.

Jung Yumi 

She who has a pale face and innocent and bright eyes and a smiling face, the pretty actress, Jung Yumi. Her special quality is her charming face that has become women’s wanna be star. Especially the tvN drama ‘I Need Romance 2012’ received a lot of love and even to the point where ‘Joo Yeol Mae fashion’ became a key search term.

Recently she has appeared on the variety show ‘Youn’s Kitchen’ as Youn Yuh Jung’s assistant chef, letting more people know about her. In addition, she used a bandana on top of her up bun hairstyle, kindling the fire again as ‘banana style’. She has risen in the commercial world as a blue chip due to her innocent image. Chosen as the commercial model for coffee, food, and card brands, she has grabbed the attention of the public.

Kong Hyo Jin

An actress that you could call the ‘original’ romantic comedy queen is Kong Hyo Jin. Starting from the 2010 MBC drama ‘Pasta’, to the 2011 drama ‘Greatest Love’, 2013 SBS drama ‘Master’s Sun’, 2014 drama ‘It’s Ok, This is Love, to 2016 ‘Jealousy Incarnate’, she has been active in romantic comedy dramas.

She who has long limbs and a unique charming face. She is called ‘Kong Lovely’, her name ‘Kong Hyo Jin’ and the loveable ‘lovely’ added together, her fashion sense is excellent and she is also a look book for women. Like a fashionista, she has been chosen as the commercial model for jewelry, general merchandise, and cosmetic brands. (phoyo by Goobne Chicken, the movie ‘About Time’ poster, the movie ‘The Notebook’ still frame, bntnews DB)

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