Timeline of Mamamoo’s Make-up Change

[by Lim Mi Ae] Mamamoo who always presents fresh and fun songs with a different concept is sweeping music portal sites with their new song overflowing with confidence, ‘Yes I Am’.

Following the different feelings of each song the members’ styles change. Focusing on the feeling of ‘Um Oh Ah Yeh’ and ‘You’re the Best’, the presented a sexier image during the promotion of ‘Decalcomanie’. At the time Wheein said “I want to change to a different image” and daringly let down her bangs.

For this new song Mamamoo shows an overflowing confident style after they had already combined showing cute and sexy images. They are able to get a hold of both charisma and cuteness.

Mature beauty UP! Hairstyle

Hwasa and Wheein who showed unique charisma for their ‘Yes I Am’ performances. Their reason for their striking change was to show off the completely different hairstyles from the previous performances.

At the time of ‘Decalcomonie’, Wheein made her pretty choppy bangs hairstyle a trend, now she has returned to a lively but feminine image of having thick curls in which she parts her hair naturally to the side.

Hwasa’s long natural hair is showing off her sexy charisma. If you want to do your hair black like her, there are a few things to pay attention to. The most important is the harmony of your hair color and makeup. Because the hair is dark it can look awkward if the makeup is too pale. Naturally doing shadow makeup for your hair and eyebrow lines is good.

Makeup Overflowing with Confidence! The points are? 

Shadowing is the most important part of setting your makeup style. If you use dark colors, it deeply emphasizes them, finishing a chic and charismatic impression while using a cheerful color gives off a bubbly feeling.

During ‘Decalcamonie’ that had a core point of ‘sexy’, Solar put on brown eye shadow, where the makeup was colorful as it had a pearl feel added on, finishing it off with a charismatic feel. However in ‘Yes I Am’ she presents a cute charm through the purple eyes shadow.

Purple shadow has a different dreamlike charm than pink does. The color is unique and you have to pay attention to matching your cheek and lip makeup. Avoid yellow cheeks, and use pink blusher on your chroma. Just like making shadow the point of your makeup, we suggest the easiest best colors for your lips as light pink or nude.

Confidence UP! Win with Makeup!

Stylenanda 3CE ‘Eye shadow Palette-up close’ contains charismatic colors such as pink, brown and burgundy and can be used as various makeup to match your schedule. If you mix ndie pink and reddish brown color, your eye rim will appear flushed, and adding the bright pink pearl will finish an innocent yet sexy look.

MAC’s ‘Mineralize Eye Shadow x4’ has four colors will silk-like soft texture. If you layer various colors it finishes off a dramatic eye makeup look. If you only use purple, it gives off dreamlike eyes.

Urban Decay eye shadow has a purple shadow with a velvety texture, it has excellent adherence pigment and the texture that applies gently is their special characteristic. You can naturally end your makeup by putting this shadow on with your fingers and no brush.

Bobbi Brown ‘Runway Cream Shadow Stick Violet Plum’, it is easier and more comfortable to put on makeup in the form of a stick. Even in the summer where subum secretes a lot, it spreads with no creases perfectly onto the skin. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda 3CE, MAC, Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown)

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