I Also Want to Be an Eating Show Master! The Way to Eat Earth-Sea-Air Animals Deliciously

[by Lee Hee Soo] If you see a broadcaster on a ‘food show’ eating it’s natural to start drooling. This is because the appearance of eating deliciously stimulates the appetite. We will introduce the method of deliciously eating individual menus of earth-sea-air so pay attention. Anyone can become an eating show master.

Earth – Steak 

When all is said and done among meat nothing can follow steak. This is because anyone can enjoy the abundant beef stock to one’s taste, cooking it however they like. The majority of the softness is enjoyed through living medium rare steak that softly melts in your mouth.

Steak can be simply made at home if you just have a good skillet and olive oil. In order to store up beef stock, to the point of smoke coming out, you need to raise the heat of the pan because you need to momentarily cook the outside parts with heat. Cook the steak with some salt and pepper seasoning on the front, back and sides, and to add more flavor you can add as much garlic and butter as you would like. According to your own taste, you can add asparagus, cherry tomatoes, mashed potatoes, etc. to garnish the taste.

Sea – Shrimp 

It’s nice to enjoy fresh fish as sashimi after deboning it but if you aren’t a chef, it’s hard to handle. Easy seafood that even beginners can eat is shrimp. All you have to do is remove the internal organs in the back of the shrimp which is comparatively simpler. Furthermore, as long as you avoid overcooking, you can make and enjoy a firm texture in your mouth.

The representative shrimp cuisine is gambas al ajillo. After seasoning the shrimp with salt and pepper, simmer the garlic and pepperoncino with oil until they are soft. The oil will be full with an aromatic and spicy smell, and you can’t stop the urge to fork the firm shrimp. This can be cleanly enjoyed with crispy baked rye bread or baguettes. 

Air – Chicken 

If you fry it it’s delicious, if you roast it, it’s even more delicious: chicken. When you cook it well the outside is crispy and the inside is tender, completing your cooking. If you fry it in oil, the crispy taste is good but cholesterol, Trans fat, etc. are not good for your health. If you roast in an oven or with charcoal, if you moderately throw out oil, you can enjoy it more lightly and healthily than if it was fried. When chicken is mixed with sauce, you can mix it together with noodles or rice so it is filling. 

Oven roasted chicken brand Goobne Chicken’s Goobne Volcano is a famous menu item that mixes chicken and rice, a ‘chi-rice’. You can enjoy it by adding rice and noodles with the spicy sauce. The recently released Goobne Galbi King is also a popular menu item that is a chi-rice. With a taste that is made from 10 kinds of veggies and fruits, the sweet and salty roast galbi sauce is mixed with fresh onions and rice.

At present, starting in Korea, Goobne Chicken has entered China, Hong Kong and the Philippines. In particular, Macau’s Goobne Chicken Taipa branch exists as an all-chicken brand in which you can taste jjimdak and jjimdak galbi. (photo by Goobne Chicken, Olive TV ‘What Shall We Eat Today?’, Outback Steakhouse)

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