What’s the Solution to the Itchiness and Dandruff Connected to Hair Loss?

No matter how great your looks may be, with dandruff piled up on your shoulder, scratching your head roughly in intervals can make you unlikeable. This is because dandruff is troublesome, once it appears, it won’t go away and stubbornly remains.

Commonly, it’s easy to think that dandruff appears when you don’t wash your head but there are various reasons. According to research, dandruff is caused by an excess secretion of sebum, an excess increase of cubicles, hormonal imbalance, stress, etc. Because people with dandruff are accompanied with symptoms such as itchiness, smelly hair, rashes, etc. in a severe case that can cause hair loss, it’s necessary to quickly take action.

After trying various methods, how do you resolve the dandruff that is constantly harassing you?
The Most Fundamental Thing is Understanding your ‘Scalp Type’

Do you know that your scalp is also skin? Scalp care is an area that you need to care about just as much as your skin scare. For the most proper care, I need to first accurately diagnose my scalp type.

Oily scalp – The sebum secretion is brisk thus dead skin and dandruff easily clog up pores. In addition, the scalp tone charges a yellow-ish color, easily breaking out in bacteria, and there are often situations in which even though you shampooed in the morning, by the afternoon your scalp is oily and sticky. There are often times where it will smell and have itchiness.

Dry scalp – there are many cases in which the secreted amount of sweat and sebum is little, making the scalp dry and dead skin cells form. After shampooing while there is a symptom of itchiness and your whole scalp is dry, often you will feel tugs and irritation. In addition, your hair is rough and has no shine.

Let’s not Carelessly Wash >> Fix Your Shampoo Habits

It’s best to take good care of your scalp before arousing trouble but in the situation where you already have itchiness and dandruff it’s good to use treatment shampoo. When people shampoo, they often spread and rub the shampoo on their hair but this is the wrong method and the correct way is to make bubbles starting from your scalp. In addition, instead of your nails, firmly and softly massge your head continuously with your fingertips and then use lukewarm water to rinse it off carefully without leaving any shampoo.

The drying process is also important. The possibility of causing dandruff increases by several times when you sleep with your hair and scalp wet, and this can develop hair loss. Therefore, let’s sleep definitely after we dry our scalp and hair.

Shampoo Alone is Insufficient for Scalp Care >> Let’s do it with Special Care

Washing your hair everyday with shampoo alone in order to remove dandruff has its limits. It is difficult to exfoliate the scalp perfectly because it is covered in hair. In the case that you might not properly do the treatment, you can have hair loss, thus it’s suggested to get specialized scalp care.

Ecomine’s shop-in-shop brand Pilaso’s professional line consists of scalp scaling ,scalp PH balance, and scalp nourishing, you can just use the products in the sequence of the written numbers. The instructions are to first use the wooden stick to apply the scalp scaling formula on to the scalp and then to cleanly rinse it off with shampoo. After that, lightly massage your scalp with the scalp PH balance, and lastly, finish off with applying the scalp tonic.

Pilaso’s professional line is used in real hair shops but the utilizations of scalp and hair loss treatment programs in aesthetics and hair shops is high. Especially, in the use of the product for scalp care, it includes specialized care such as measuring the state of the scalp, scaling, steam treatment, shampoo, PH balancing, nourishing etc., resolving scalp cleanliness and hair loss treatment, dandruff, and itchiness.

In this summer season where it’s easy to have scalp troubles, how about attempting to resolve your dandruff and scalp itchiness through the specialized care provided through Pilaso’s products that are non-additives with ingredients such as pilaben and raw animal material? (photo by bntnews DB, Ecomine)

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