Managing 'Hair Self-Care' for Home Saloners

[by Hwang Yeon-do] Recently, there are a lot of people who are perplexed by hair loss due to frequent perms, dyes, fine dust, ultraviolet ray, stress and so on. It hurts to see the damaged hair but the expensive hair clinics can be burdensome.

Know exactly what caused the damage

Recently, many 'Home Saloner' groups are searching for self-recipe to recover the hair damage at a relatively low cost. We introduce "self-home care" management know-hows that can be managed just like a professional if you know how to do it properly.

 ‘Conditioner after shampoo’ is not enough, Hair Treatment is essential!
Frequent color dyeing, perms, and heat damage from irons play a major role in damaging hair because you lose the protein in the hair. If the protein is damaged, the moisture retaining function of the follicle material deteriorates, and it becomes sensitive to changes of the external environment, which makes the hair fried and dull. Therefore, it is necessary to manage with a clinic product or treatment to protect the hair from the environment so that the hair is no longer damaged.

Most people wash their hair every morning. Why doesn’t the hair get any better even though we wash it every day?

People often consider ‘conditioner after shampoo’ to be the end of the hair wash. But experts say this is not enough to achieve shiny hair. Usually, you do not know the difference between the conditioner and the treatment, but the roles are a little different. When the conditioner is applied on the surface of the hair to minimize external irritation, the treatment has the effect of transferring nutrients into the hair. Therefore, it is essential to use 'hair treatment' basically for proper hair care.

Correct ways to use a dryer

Every morning, people with jobs and students take on a war with time. During the busy morning, are you using the hot air closely to your scalp because you want to save each minute and second? Surely this is the same behavior as cursing your own hair.

It is advisable to dry your hair thoroughly with a towel before you use the dryer rather than drying the wet hair. Also, it is best to dry it with cold wind, but if you do not have enough time, you should keep a 20cm distance between your hair and the dryer and use cold and hot wind alternately.

No Expensive Clinic! Let's manage with Self-care Products

Would you like to buy hair clinic products but worry about the high cost? If you want to restore your damaged hair, you need to make an investment. The fact is, if you buy home care products in sets, it is cheaper than the cost of the clinic. Recently, there are a lot of products with excellent value in the market, so we recommend you to try them.

Especially Ecomine Shocking Clinic, which became popular through word-of-mouth among netizens, consists of a Shocking Pod for moisture and a Shocking Butter for elasticity. The Shocking Pod is effective in maintaining healthy hair, because it is different from the manufactured softness from conditioners and provides a 100% moisture charge to every strand of hair. It contains natural ingredients such as jojoba oil and honey, so it can be easily used every day and suitable for home care.

On the other hand, Shocking Butter is a product for the hair shop clinic so it is better to use it at the professional hair clinic. It is made up of high-protein ingredients and collagen, which gives shine to damaged hair and strengthens the tension of hair. It is also effective when applied to damaged hair before dyeing or polishing. (Photo By: Hankyung DB, Ecomine)


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