Song Joong Ki – Ji Chang Wook– Cha Eun Woo, Accepted from Looks to Fashion!

[by Kim Min-soo] Nowadays the steps of flower boys aren’t uncommon. Actors Song Joong Ki, Ji Chang Wook, and Astro member Cha Eun Woo appear and steal the hearts of women. Although they are not plain, they are always exuding cool charms.

Especially verifying the phrase ‘a face that completes fashion’, they all are handsome in addition to having a polished style, thus they present a perfected style. Not only that, they also are equipped with outstanding fashion sense, becoming a model for men.

Let’s examine these men who coolly assimilate simple but stylish fashion, and see what fashion points there are.


Song Joong Ki, the actor that portayed the role of Yoo Si-jin in the drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’ last year that created a sensation in all of Asia. Already at the height of the hallyu craze, he was the center of attention before his debut known as ‘Sungkyunkwan University’s ulzzang’.

With looks and style that you can’t find anywhere else, he proved this at the production briefing session of the movie ‘Battleship Island’. While wearing a matching black t-shirt and slacks that give off a dandy look, he finishes his masculine beauty look with a superior keen sense of fashion as the length of his slacks cut off at the ankles. He shows off a standard all-black look.


Taking over Korea and even international fans with his acting, singing, and great looks is the representative star, actor Ji Chang Wook. Recently he has taken over both television and film, receiving recognition not only for his looks but also for his great acting skills in the leading roles he has taken.

Recently he appeared at a brand event showing a neat suit look by wearing a white t-shirt and harmonizing it with a navy blue color, creating a rhythmic suit look. Especially the jacket’s white color matching the white t-shirt shows the entire detail of the look.


Astro member Cha Eun Woo has pretty and beautiful looks that are recognized as a trend among trends that match his nickname ‘face genius’. He has shaken up female fans since his pre-debut days and is being watched with keen interest as he has been active as a model and on entertainment programs.

Even with flinging on something to wear, his ability to assimilate clothing can be seen through his stylish appearance on the way to Music Bank. On the 2nd, he appeared at KBS2 Annex Public Hall for rehearsal in a stripe jacket and t-shirt along with navy pants, pulling off a casual and natural look that only he could.


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Write: 2017-06-27 14:34:33 / Update: 2017-06-28 11:17:25

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