Korean ‘Mukbang’ actress that can compete with Chloe Moretz

[By Lee Hee Soo] Chloe Moretz showed off her ‘Mukbang’ skills on tvN’s entertainment program, ‘SNL Korea’, when she visited Korea in 2015. She powerfully ate dried seaweed and sausages and surpassed the original ‘Mukbang’ actor, Ha Jung Woo. There are Korean stars that are good as Chloe Moretz when it comes to ‘Mukbang’. Here are some of them. 


As a member of the girl group ‘EXID’, Hani was able to make their song ‘Up & Down’ to re-enter the music charts. With her pretty face and visuals along with her girl group image made people think Hani would be haughty and chic. But it turns out she was able to eat foods so deliciously and became the pioneer of the ‘Mukbang’ world for the idols. Her extraordinary appetite that was shown it various TV programs was enough to land her as a fixed member position on the SBS entertainment program ‘Baek Jong-won’s The nation’s big three’. Recently, she had been working as the advertising model for the global chicken brand KFC.

Park Soo Jin

Park Soo Jin, a star who captivated the hearts of both men and women with her perfect proportions and pretty face. From 2010 to 2015, she appeared on OLIVE 'Tasty Road', a restaurant guide program. She also worked as an advertising model for the Bossam (Pork Wrap) brand 'Won Halmuhmi Bossam' since she can eat food deliciously. After her marriage, she learned to cook hard-to-learn Korean food under the cooking researcher, Shin Young Soon, on OLIVE’s entertainment program ‘Oksoodong Chef Master and Her Pupils’.  

Seo Hyeon Jin

Seo Hyeon-jin joined the lovely actress line through her various characters on tvN drama 'Let's eat 2', ‘Another Miss Oh’, and SBS drama ‘Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim’. Especially on 'Let's eat 2', she showed a various ‘Mukbang’ and gained the nickname 'goddess of mukbang'.

In 2017, she was also selected as an advertising model of oven-grilled chicken brand, Goobne chicken. Recently, on the commercials of the Goobne chicken, Seo Hyeon Jin scrumptiously enjoys the Goobn Galbi King. Goobne Galbi King boasts a charming tastes of ‘Sweet & Salty’ with their Grilled Galbi Sauce. The oven baked Goobne Chicken is low in calories provides various menus to capture the taste buds of the young people in their twenties and thirties. Meanwhile, they are preparing to open an Indonesian store during the second half of the year.
(Photo By: Goobne Chicken, Chloe Moretz Instagram, SNL Korea, OLIVE ‘2014 Tasty Road’, JTBC ‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator’, bntnews DB)

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