The Charming Points of Main Characters in a Film ‘Guardians of the Galaxy VOL.2’

[By Lee Hee-soo] A film ‘Guardians of the Galaxy VOL.2’ grabbing the world popularity since its opening on May 5th 2017 is known to have the great quality of visual arts & action and elaborate storyline, which was good enough to make everyone fall into it, even for people who did not watch its 1st episode. Let’s see the charm of characters of the 2nd episode captivating the public. 

Yondu, a Great Example of Cold Outside but Warm Inside 
The greatest character of the main episode might be Yondu. Shown as a character of betrayal with cold personality, in a seriously life-threatening situation, he awakens the spirit of star road by saying, “I shoot arrows not with my head, but with my heart”. By sacrificing himself for star road and delivering a precious value, he deeply touched audience. 

Baby Groot with the Cutest Charm in the Universe
In many parts of the film, Groot’s cuteness fascinated audience. The petit-size, cute voice, and bold & cheerful personality stimulated everyone’s ‘desire for adoption’. 

A Raccoon, Rocket who cannot be hated 
Even though he faces crises by stealing Sovereign’s battery due to his great self-respect, he gets out of such situations by using many tools and witty actions. Especially, the conversation with Taserface is super hilarious. 

Drax who delivers humors and sincerity 
Drax who seems to have a low IQ throws unexpected humors. However, his sincere comforts at the right timing make characters and even audience feel comfortable. 

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(Photo by: Goobne Chicken, NAVER Movie, bntnews)


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Write: 2017-06-15 10:49:18 / Update: 2017-06-15 10:58:29

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