Three Secrets for Celebrities’ Nice Figures Stimulating Diet

[by Lee Hee Soo] A slim figure with a slender waist is the ultimate goal of diet. Whenever feeling exhausted by tough exercise, photos of wannabe stars could work as motivation. Let’s learn about secrets for celebrities’ great figure.

Actress Kim Hye Soo with Great Curves

Actress Kim Hye Soo in a dress always grabs attention in the official appearance. In a TV program of 2014, she said that she would eat Ramen only once a year. She maintains healthy eating habit by staying way from fast food. If you eat processed food while in a diet, you should stop eating ramen at least just like her.

Actress Kang So Ra with Healthy Beauty

Actress Kang Sora with a slim figure used to weigh 70kg when she was a student. An entertainment program in 2017 released her secret for great figure. On top of having three meals a day without fail, she fasts after 6PM. Even though she loves breads, she is managing her diet by staying away from flour like having bread only once a week. She also enjoys doing ballet for her beautiful figure.

Model Yoo Seung Ok with Tight Body

Model Yoo Seung Ok who entered the Top5 of the 2014 Muscle Mania Universe as the first Asian, shows a great aura based on her tight and healthy body. In a TV program of 2015, she said that she worked out for six hours a day before participating in the competition. As she can easily gain weight, she always works hard to form muscles for health.

Food for Healthy Diet

‘Avocado’, the Butter from Forest
As avocado has plentiful dietary fibers and unsaturated fatty acid, it makes body light and healthy. As it is filling, it is helpful to suppress appetite. Owing to its antioxidant ingredient, it is great for skin health.

‘Green Tea’ Breaking Down Fat
Green Tea containing lots of catechin as an antioxidant substance prevents the accumulation of body fat and also helps the break-down of accumulated fat already. Inducing the discharge of skin waste and toxin, it makes skin healthy.

‘Chicken Breast’, the Essential Menu for Diet

Chicken breast is one of the representative foods for diet. Even though it could be a bit dry as it has less fat than other parts, it could become a refreshing meal accompanied by vegetables and fruits.

If you feel like chicken after feeling sick and tired of chicken breast during a diet, you should select roasted chicken in oven. It has light taste and less fat with low calories. When vegetables are added to the Goobne Original Menu of Goobne Chicken, its calories could be reduced even more. Meanwhile, many menus of Goobne Chicken meet the preference of consumers in their 20s-30s, and it has been settled down as the representative brand of oven-grilled chicken. In the second half of the year, it is planning to open a branch in Indonesia. (photo by Goobne Chicken, GN Mall, bntnews DB)


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