Focus on Jung Chae Yeon + Solbin’s ‘Music Bank’ Fashion

[by Kim Min Soo] Girl groups DIA and Laboum caught the attention of the fans on their way to ‘Music Bank’. Among them, Jung Chae Yeon and Solbin, who presented unique styling and stood out with their beautiful appearances.

On the day, they appeared in styles that was slightly different from what they wear on stage. While retaining the feminine beauty, it emitted youthful charm as is, and it attracted attention with the distinctive image with the coexistence of stylishness and innocence.

Jung Chae Yeon and Solbin, who have boasted a fashionable style while enjoying their own assets among the many girl groups. What is their styling point?

#DIA Jung Chae Yeon

Jung Chae Yeon has drawn attention on Mnet ‘Produce 101’. During her time in I.O.I, she earned admiration from the fans by showing off her hidden talents. Now she is working hard as a member of girl group DIA.

On the day, she completed the ‘Jung Chae Yeon style’ filled with femininity and a fresh smile in a stipe patterned blouse and skirt combination. In addition, she matched a pink cross bag to enhance her youthful look.

The biggest attraction of Jung Chae Yeon is the coexistence of her gorgeous appearance that melt the hearts of the male fans and the innocence she boast in any wardrobes. It is her ability to reinterpret the feminine items with her own appeals.

#Laboum Solbin

Girl group Laboum’s leader Solbin is attracting attention because of her energetic charm and bright personality. In addition, she achieves rhythmical harmony with her alluring beauty and her modest styles.

Solbin's style becomes more prominent when she choose a basic items. When matching a plain white T-shirt and denim jeans, she added stylishness by showing off her abs and matched a check pattern jacket to create a look full of fashion sense.

Keep in mind you only need natural fitted style to create the right amount of sexiness without overexposing your body.

#Editor`s Pick

If you have chosen an overall bright color dress, it is recommended that you match it with a check pattern to reach the peak of the dazzling look. In particular, if the blouse is made of lace materials and the shoulder is lightly exposed, you will be able to appeal the pure yet sexy style.

For the black blouses and denim jeans combination, the detail is the key. It is important to emphasize sophistication in the style that best expresses a casual impression, and it is best to complete the look with a stylishly oversized jacket. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)


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