Finger Food Recommendations for Bridal Shower

[by Oh Eun Sun] Bridal showers for the to-be brides are getting popular. Many stars and celebrities have uploaded pictures of a bridal shower to their social flatforms, and it has spread like a trend among ordinary people. It is derived from Europe in the 16th century, when friends and acquaintances blessed the bride and groom with house necessities for those who couldn’t afford to have weddings. It means to shower the bride with gifts and blessings.

In modern times, it is considered a private party for brides and bridesmaids. It is a dazzling atmosphere with vivid party supplies, sweet finger food, champagne and wine. Many snap pictures in the decorated rooms filled with various party supplies.

To match the atmosphere, people enjoy nicely prepared finger foods. In particular, finger foods are easy to make do many friends of the bride take responsibility and being their own menus. So, we recommend finger food menus for bridal showers.


Roll is one of the most popular foods that many women prefer. It is not too hard to prepare and looks beautiful so it is popular as a bridal shower menu. Especially, for the salmon rolls, all you have to do is buy smoked salmon from the market, and put onions, mushrooms and paprika inside and roll it to shape. The sauce is also readily available at the market. With a simple recipe, even a person with no cooking experience can easily complete the menu. In addition to salmon roll, you can replace the ingredients to make bacon rolls, cucumber rolls and other similar recipes.

Fruit Cup

Fruit cup is a must menu for bridal showers, as well as weddings, and birthday parties. It is not only visually pretty and easy to make but also easy to eat.

It is better to have a variety of colors in a cup. It is recommended to pick small fruits instead of cutting big fruits in pieces. Typical examples are grape tomatoes, blueberry, monkey bananas, strawberries, and blueberries. In the case of an orange, cutting it in long piece and add to the cup to create more beautiful visual.


The chicken itself can be a great bridal shower food. In the case of boneless chicken, since you have to remove the bones, all you have to do it place it on a plate and serve. In addition, instead of the fried chicken that can leave crumbs, we recommend the oven-baked chicken that is clean with low calories.

In particular, the Goobne Chicken has captured the hearts of women with variety of menus including deep cheeses, spicy volcanoes, and Galbi King. It also provides a finger food recipe using chicken.

Galbi King Panini recipe is most popular among them. Spread mayonnaise on both sides of the bread and place provided king of king sauce with chicken and mozzarella cheese on one side and then cover it with second bread to grill it on a skillet. You can cut it in small size to complete beautiful and delicious finger foods.

On the other hand, Goobne Chicken is loved not only in Korea but also in China, Hong Kong and Japan. In addition ‘All Chicken’ that serves Teppan Chicken Galbi, and steamed chicken is scheduled to open on April 28 in Macau Taipa. (photo by Goobne Chicken, bntnews DB)


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