Which Korean Food Brands Are Loved by the World?

[by Oh Eun Sun] ‘Hallyu’ blowing around the world does not only focus on the dramas or movies. Korean traditions, fashion styles, foods and various brands are loved around the world.

Among them, restaurant brands are continuing the success in capturing the taste of various foreigners. Let’s take a look at the Korean food service brands that has established itself around the world.


Seolbing is a Korean dessert café brand that advertises healthy Korean dessert to the world. The most popular menu ‘Injeolmi Seolbing’ is shaved ice with Injeolmi powder on top, and it attracts popularity not only in Korea but also overseas.

Seolbing signed a master franchise agreement with the Shanghai region of China, and succeeded in entering overseas markets. In addition, the company has expanded to five locations in China, including Shanghai Hongquan lu Street, Sichuan Province, and Chongqing City. Moreover, it has steadily advanced into the Thai and Japanese markets and has become a global brand.

Especially, they offer traditional Korean food such as Injeolmi, Omija and Yuzu as main menu and try hard to promote Korean traditional foods abroad.

Paris Baguette

Korea's representative bakery brand Paris Baguette has also successfully advanced in to overseas. It opened its first store in Paris. A brand that launched in Korea in 1988 to compete as an authentic French bakery was able to advance in to the mainland of Paris. In addition, it has established the brand’s position in Asia. It operates stores in various countries including China, the United States, Vietnam and Singapore.

Paris Baguette captured the heart of their customers by developing and launching products tailored to the needs of local customers.

Goobne Chicken

'Chi-maek’ (chicken and beer) became popular with the Korean wave craze. There were many people following the scene of the characters enjoying 'Chi-maek' in Korean dramas and movies. To follow this hype, many chicken brands have tried to advance into China and overseas.

In particular, Goobne Chicken offers healthy chicken that is not fried, but baked in the oven to remove oils for lower the trans-fat and calories. They attract great popularity among calories-sensitive women in their 20s. In fact, in China, the Goobne Chicken is known as a brand that pretty woman enjoy.

In addition, it has maintained its original juiciness and flavor with its own unique seasoning, and has launched a hit menu of various flavors to stay one step ahead of the customers’ taste and palate.

At present, Goobne Chicken is spreading around the world in China, Japan, Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok and Central, to establish itself as a Korean chicken brand.

On the other hand, the Goobne Chicken is scheduled to open in Taipa Macao on April 28. In particular, it is expected to attract a lot of popularity with the opening of 'All Chicken', which sells grilled chicken, Teppan chicken, Chicken Galbi and steamed chicken. (photo by Goobne chicken, Paris Baguette, Seolbing, bntnews DB)

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