Uee-Sunny-Yoo In Young, What are the Premiere Event’s Look Point?

[by Kim Min Soo] As movie ‘One Line’ is gathering anticipation with Jin Goo and Lim Si Wan as the main actors, the fashion of female stars who attended its VIP premiere attracted many attentions.

Many female stars attended the VIP premiere at the Megabox COEX, in Samseong-Dong, Seoul on March 23 in various fashion styles. Among them, Uee, Sunny, and Yoo In Young were the center of attention with their eye catching styles.

What are the styling points for the unique fashion of these female stars?


Uee has been in the spotlight from her debut as an actress and singer. She boasted her excellent fashion sense with a unique style. She wore a black outerwear with chain detail along with a white skirt to showcase a perfect fashion as a fashionista.

[Editor Pick] If you want to show off the style that matches perfectly with the current warm weather, try out the black and white look. You can create a feminine yet neat allures. It is also advisable to take a cardigan to prepare for the chilly weather in the morning and night. It can also complete the turnover season style as well as protecting your health against the unpredictable weather.


On the other hand, SNSD’s member Sunny, who boasted a youthful charm, made use of denim and white color to complete the official event look. She showed a romantic yet stylish daily look with a pair of denim jackets with floral patches.

It is no exaggeration to say that white dress is a symbol of spring. It does not look special, but it can produce excellent style even with a single item.

[Editor Pick] If you want to give fashion points, it is good to use layering. At this time, we recommend that you choose a dress with see-through materials, and match a black color pants. Due to the nature of the material, it is possible to make a unique charm as well as a sexy charm.

#Yoo In Young

Actress Yoo In Young, who is worthy to be called ‘Barbie doll’, showed off her beautiful legs to boast her sex appeals. She matches a pink blouse with an asymmetrical denim skirt to create fashionable styling, and expresses the trendiness with a check patterned jacket.

First of all, to create a fashionable styling like Yoo In Young, match denim skirt with a bomber jackets or layer a shirt with lace material. You will be able to create a colorful fashion that can attract attentions.

[Editor Pick] Match a skirt with any style to create a feminine and sexy look. Among them, denim skirts are just the right item to create a look in spring, so if you wear over-sized jackets or bomber jackets, you will be able to add a more stylish appeal. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)

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