Stars’ Cat Eye Mascara

[by Lim Miae] Before you start your makeup, let’s think about the image you want to portray.

If you use more colors, your eye makeup will be more dramatic and by using fewer colors, you can create more care free impression. There are endless styles of eye makeup. You can change the shape of your eyes with eyeliners and depending on how you apply eyeshadows, you can open up the front or back corners of your eyes to make them appear bigger.

If you are only wearing one color of eyeshadow, you can apply the color of your choice across your eyelid in between your eyelashes and the double eyelid lines. Make sure to keep the colors only on the eyelids and don’t drag the colors to your temples. If you are using various colors at once, apply bright colors on your eyelid and apply darker colors from your double eyelid lines to the waterline to create sultry eyes.

Mascara is the last stage of eye makeup. Many women envy the long and beautiful eyelashes. But if you apply multiple layers of mascara in hopes of fuller lashes, it would only cause fallouts and smudges to ruin your eyelashes. Let’s find out how to create pretty eyelashes like the celebrities.

Sooyoung_ Sultry Eyes Design

To create sultry eyes like Sooyoung, it is easiest to use neutral colors such as beige and brown.

Using excessive colors or too many bright colors will be too distracting. There are many who use bright pink shadows for spring, but you should only use this on the under eyes. It is good to use a calm light pink on your eyelids.

Sooyoung’s eyelashes are better suited to the keyword 'cleaner' than fuller. She was able to make every strand stand out without clumps. In order to create this look easier, there are newly released items with separated mascara and fibers in one package.

The instruction is simple. First, apply the product from the roots to the tip just as you would use an ordinary mascara. Then lightly add fibers on the tip of the eyelashes for finish. Even if you don’t apply multiple coats, it will provide a dramatic effect like you had eyelash extension for clean eye makeup.

Park Si Yeon _ Urban Mascara Designing

Park Si Yeon boasted more bright and sophisticated eye makeup. She added a contrast from her double eyelid lines to her under eyes to complete an urban look. Her eyelashes were curled and she applied mascara to make them fuller. The eyelash curler is the key tool in this case.

It’s better to stay away from eyelash curlers if you are not used to wearing makeup. The eyelashes can be bent too far and look unnatural, and some often pull out the lashes by accident. When you are purchasing an eyelash curler, make sure it has a protective sponge tip. Without the sponge, it is harder to make nice curls and distribute the pressure evenly. 

Once you are familiar with using the eyelash curler, it is best to only curl your eyelashes before you apply the mascara. If you use the curler after applying the mascara, you can break off your eyelashes or bend them in strange forms.

Lee Si Young_ Full C Curl Design

Lee Si Young created a fuller and thicker C curl eyelashes compared to Soo Young and Park Si Yeon.

Lee Si Young showed off an alluring makeup to match her colorful dress. She accentuated her eyes with the mascara rather than using too much eyeshadows.  When your eyelashes are the main point of your makeup, you should apply the mascara more delicately. 

The traditional way to apply mascara is to rotate the wand from the roots to the tip. When applying mascara to the lower lashes, hold the wand perpendicular to your eyes and move in a parallel direction of the lashes.

If you have a used up mascara, wash the wand thoroughly and carry it around to remove clumped mascara off of your lashes from time to time. You’ll be able to maintain clean makeup all day long.

How to Follow Celebrity Eye Makeup

1 Stylenanda 3CE 'Super Slim Skinny Mascara' has a slim 2.5mm brush that curls even the short eyelashes hidden in the front and back of the eyes. It is excellent in elasticity so it keeps the curl in place all day and is resistant to sweat and sebum.

2 Yea Nimm 'Building Up Mascara' adds length and volume to your lashes. By applying ‘Long Lash Fiber’ on the tip of the eyelashes, it will create a longer and fuller looking lashes. Finish with a final coat of mascara to make sure the fiber is fixed in place to avoid fallouts. 

3 Espoir 'Ultimate Feather Volume Mascara' creates an elastic C curl without the eyelash curler. The S-line wand can get perfectly close to the lash line for detail makeup and it is perfect to complete the sultry eyes.

4. Mac ‘Upward Lash’ contains a brush with a hollow center that enables it to retain a large reservoir of mascara for so it can be loaded onto the lashes. It creates instant curls and volume without clumps and it doesn’t have many fallouts so you don’t have to constantly fix your makeup. It is Ophthalmologist tested, so it is also safe for contact wearers. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda 3CE, Yea Nimm, Espoir, Mac)


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