‘2017 S/S’ 3 Beauty Trends Spotlighted in Korea

[by Song Eun Ji] 2017 S/S, what is beauty trend spotlighted in Korea, which is famous for fashion sensitivity?

Here are 3 beauty styles of 2017 S/S trend, which are suggested by stars who lead the trend. And we also have check points utilizing these trends easily.

TREND 1 Moist shiny water-gloss skin

The first beauty trend is moist shiny water-gloss skin. At the step of basic skincare before makeup, it is required to apply moisture cream which is rich in nutrition like sheep oil cream, but fresh, and construct a firm water coating onto skin. Then, let’s proceed to a light but perfect base makeup with CC cushion which helps to present a natural shiny water-gloss skin. Unlike general cushions, CC cushion contains much moisture, so it makes it possible to present a natural water-gloss skin without artificial feeling. Let’s carry CC cushion often with you to keep a perfect water-gloss skin.

TREND 2 Cheek makeup

Coloring cheek with spring-like fluorescent colors is expected to be the vogue in 2017 S/S, following the contouring makeup, which was the hot issue in 2016. Let’s add complexion color to our both cheeks with pink or coral blusher which suits our skin tone. If we use cream-type blusher, it is well matched with glossy skin, so we can finish moister and livelier cheek makeup.

TREND 3 Lip makeup

Full-colored lip makeup along the lip line will be dominant in 2017, unlike making a natural gradation from inner lip in 2016. It is good to give a point to lips using vivid colors, but if you use soft colors such as pink or coral, you can create an attractive full coloring lip makeup without being too much.  

01 KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM This is a functional moisture cream for brightening, wrinkle improvement which can once for all make a complex care including moisturizing, brightening, anti-aging without skin irritation by adding 8 berries to natural lanolin extracted from lambs’ fur.

02 KICHO AROHA GLOW CC CUSHION  This CC cushion keeps your skin clear and fluorescent all day with  excellent durability and coverage, and also it creates moist and healthy skin by adding deep ocean water, cabbage rose water, Shea butter, black ginseng extract to the best-quality lanolin from New Zealand refined in Germany.

03 NARS Multiple-orgasm This is a multi-use stick to apply as eye shadow, blusher and others with its creamy formula and soft shiny color.

04 GIORGIO ARMANI Rouge Ecstasy This is a CC (Care&Color) lipstick to be mixed with moisture and rich fluorescent color of access moisture lip balm. (photo by KICHO, NARS, GIORGIO ARMANI, bntnews DB)

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