Korea’s Popular ‘Night Snack’ Best 3

[by Oh Eun Sun] Many people succumbed to the temptation of sweet snacks late at night. They feel the empty stomach during a sleepless night that can’t resist the temptations. Especially, Korean food is perfect to enjoy as a midnight snack. Such food as chewy and scrumptious pig’s trotters, delicious ramen and crunchy fried chicken are often chosen as a late-night snack. We introduce three popular late night snacks menus of Korea.


Ramen is a popular menu that can be said ‘there is no one who never had ramen as a late night snack’. Especially, the selection of choice is very wide with ramen with the common red soup, as well as the ramen with mild white soup, mixed cold ramen and Ja jang ramen. In addition, it is affordable and easy to cook, which make is the most enjoyable late night menu.

It is winning the taste buds of people around the world in Korea, as well as Asia, United States and Europe. In fact, you can easily access various contents such as "Korean Ramen challenge" and "Korean spicy noodle challenge" on the video site YouTube.

★JokBal (Pig’s Trotters)

Then, you can choose pig trotters as a Korean popular night snack menu. It is boiled pork feet, eaten with various side dishes such as leek, kimchi, & etc. It receives a lot of love with the chewy texture and flavorful meat. In addition, it contains gelatin, which is good for your skin and vitamin A is also known to help with eye health.


Chicken is always top of the list when you examine the midnight snack popular among Koreans. It appears frequently on a Korean wave Dramas, and there are many Hallyu stars who share how they enjoy 'Chi-mak’ (chicken and beer)', making it popular in various countries. However, there was a disadvantage that the calories were too high to be enjoyed as a snack.

So, the low-calorie oven-grilled chicken has started to gain attention, and it is still loved by its light, yet non-greasy taste. In particular, Goobne chicken began to cook chicken in the oven to lower the calories, and launched a variety of menus, which attracts popularity all over the world as well as Asia like China, Hong Kong and Macao.

The volcanic chicken, apart the menu of Goobne chicken, is based with the pepper pasted and known for its spicy flavor. It led the trend of the 'Chibap', which you mix the rice and chicken together. (photo by Goobne chicken, bntnews DB)

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