Brightening Makeup Tips for White Day Like Suzy, Yoona and Song Hye Kyo

[by Song Eun Ji] A special anniversary 'White Day' is approaching to express affection between lovers.

If you are planning a special date on White Day with your boyfriend or the ‘some man’, you should consider what makeup you will wear on that day from now. Make-up is the most important thing for a successful date filled with romance. Here are some makeup tips that will help you maintain a perfect look for a long date.

STEP 1 Basic Skincare

Before applying the make-up, you should build a solid moisturizing skin barrier with your skincare. Fully moisturized skin enhances the makeup sustainability and adhesion. Apply a fresh moisturizing cream that is absorbed quickly to your skin, and then apply your sunscreen. By using UV ray blocking sunscreen at the base skin care stage, it can protect the skin from harmful UV lights which is the main cause of dryness of the skin, and it helps to maintain perfect makeup for a long time.

STEP 2 Base Makeup

Do not thicken the base makeup in hopes to make yourself look pretty. If your skin is uneven, use a primer to lightly organize your skin texture, and then use a cushioning pact to finish the lightweight yet complete base makeup. Using the CC cushion that has excellent covering power and excellent moisturizing ability makes it possible to create clear and glowing hydrated skin. As it is easy to carry around, apply CC cushions from time to time to maintain a perfect skin condition.

STEP 3 Eye Makeup

No matter how much you spend your time on the eye make-up, it smudges under your eyes and make you look like a raccoon over time. If you want to achieve smudge proof eye make-up you must take special care of oil management. Use eye shadow to control oil on your eye lids and continue with your eye make-up routine. Draw an eye line then lightly press along the line to cover it with eye shadow to increase longevity of the eye makeup.

STEP 4 Lip Makeup

Romantic dinner is indispensable part of the White Day. If you want to keep your lips neat and vibrant even after finishing your meal, try using a Tint. Apply a liquid type tint from the inside of the lips for a natural gradient, then apply lip gloss on top of it or apply lipstick once more. You’ll create luminous lip make-up with vivid color that can stand the test of time.

01 KICHO Ultra Moisturizing Suncream
Botanical embryo extracted from germinated beans protects skin health and can be used fresh and moisturized without white cast or stickiness. It is light enough to use as daily sun cream before makeup.

02 Benefit the Porefessional primer Face primer for pores and fine wrinkle cover

03 KICHO AROHA GLOW CC CUSHION CC cushion that includes the finest New Zealand lanolin refined in Germany, and deep sea water ingredients to maintain the bright skin all day with excellent durability and covering power.

Silky texture yet matte and natural color eye shadow

05 Shu Uemura Laque Supreme A tinted lacquer with a lot of shine, color, moisture and comfort. (photo by Kicho, Benefit, Bobbi Brown, Shu Uemura, bntnews DB)


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