‘March, the best time to visit Macau!’ Tourist Attraction Recommendations

[by Oh Eun Sun] Macau is best to travel during February and March due to good weather and warm temperatures. It is easy to see the European style building as it has been influenced by Portugal in the past. It is also called 'Europe in Asia.' In addition, due to numerous hotels and casinos, it also has the term ‘Oriental Las Vegas’. Here are some of the attractions of Macau with its various charms.

★ Senado Square & Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral

Senado Square is filled with Portuguese style buildings. You can see Portuguese written all over the square so you can feel Europe in Asia. The colorful pastel buildings make tourists excited.

Nearby is St. Paul's Cathedral, which has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Due to a typhoon, everything but the front steps and the front of the building were lost. Nevertheless, it is big enough to feel magnificent. There are stairs and flower beds on the front, so it would be nice if you could take pictures in front of St. Paul's Cathedral.

In addition, Jerky Street is on the way to St. Paul's Cathedral in Senado Square. They sell a lot of kinds of jerky at a reasonable price, so we recommend you to stop by and taste them for yourself.

★ A-ma Temple

It is the oldest Chinese temple in Macau and is home to the goddess of the voyage, 'Ama'. It has been around for 600 years since it was built, and the worshipers are constantly visiting the temple every day. Especially, on the March 23rd of the lunar calendar, annual festivals are held for praising A-ma.

In addition, the name Macau was also derived from what the Portuguese called 'Amagao' meaning 'The bay of A-ma'. Tourist can see the various type of incense and light them up.

★ Hotels & House of Dancing Water Performance

Most of the hotels in Macau are not only an accommodation but also have a variety of shopping centers, restaurants, and attractions, making the hotel itself a tourist attraction.

In particular, the Venetian hotel boasts a design that seems to have replaced Venetia, which draws in many tourists who want to see them in person. Even if you do not stay at the hotel, there are many people looking for sightseeing only. You can take a boat in a gondola built in the hotel, or take a picture in front of gorgeous golden sculptures.

In addition, how about watching Macau's representative performance "House of Dancing Water"? It is so famous that there are some who visit Macau for this show.

★Enjoying Food

If you enjoyed the sights, then it is time to eat. Macau has many restaurants to try, including steak and chicken. In recent years, Korean chicken is becoming more popular in addition to the Portuguese braised chicken, following the Korean Wave craze.

Korean Chicken Brand Goobne Chicken’s Macao branch is popular among young female customers. Many calorie-conscious women are visiting in search of low calories diet. In addition, it is known as a brand that considers health as a top priority, and a lot of families visit the store. Moreover, there are various menus such as volcano chicken with spicy taste and everyone’s favorite, original chicken.

On the other hand, Goobne Chicken is receiving admiration from all over the world with its branches in Macau and Hong Kong, as well as in China and Japan.

Goobne Chicken Macau Address: 澳门南湾友邦广场2楼A座 (photo by Goobne Chicken, Macau Tourism Agency, House of Dancing Water Webstie, bntnews DB)

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