Everything about Moisturizing Cream for You!

[by Kim Hyo Jin] Moisturizing cream, which is also must-have item in winter, comes at the last step of skincare. But in the flood of the moisture creams, which product should you choose for no regrets? Let's look at everything about the moisture creams just for you, while taking into account the situation and skin type.

Choosing "Outstanding" Products?

The greatest skin troubles during the season of change are dry and rough face. Skin care with 3-4 steps is essential for a dry skin. One of the items that are absolutely included in the steps is the moisture cream. You can reduce the time inducing skin care steps by choosing the correct moisture cream.

In the past, if the unconditional step-by-step skin care was in trend, more and smarter consumers are now using only selected products that fit their skin. Just the right time and products that is right for you can transform your skin in no time.

Moisturizing Care 'Time Zone'?

In fact, skin needs constant hydration. However, due to outdoor activities and make-up, it is very difficult to keep applying more products from time to time. Let your skin revitalize with proper care.

Before sleep: Evening hours is optimal time for skin care since there are less activities and influence from the UV rays. It is also time to free up the skin from the make-up and enough to regenerate the skin and recharge the tired skin while sleeping.

▶ At night time, add a thick cream or oil to give a more moisture to your skin for regenerating effect overnight.

Immediately after cleansing: If the skin is left as it is immediately after cleansing, skin moisture in and outside of your face might be dried. The alkaline detergent in cleansers also increases the skin pH index and damages the skin barrier.

▶ After cleansing, make sure to use a mist or toner immediately, moisturize it with your palms and tap gently to absorb it all in to the skin.

Moisturizing Care 'Routine'?

AM 8:00

As soon as you wake up in the morning, it is essential to wash your face. You need to clean up the sebum secreted during the night. Use a low-irritant cleanser to cleanse the skin's wastes, and finishes with toner and essence cream. You should also protect your skin from exposure to outdoor activities with sunscreen before makeup.

PM 12:00-5:00
You should pack a facial mist in your bag. Mist is easy to carry and easy to use, so you can spray it anytime, anywhere. Even if you do not feel dry, spraying every 2 to 3 hours can protect the skin surface moisture.

PM 7:00
No matter how tired you are, it is important to wash your face as soon as you get home. With thick make-up and fine dust, the skin was suffering all day long. Using cleansing oil and water & etc., wipe away the make-up thoroughly, double cleansing by using a foam cleanser is essential.

PM 10:00
It is the most important time for moisture care. It is time to take a break from the external irritants and allow the skin to relax. After finishing the skin care, you can start a simple home care with a mask pack and apply thick moisturizing cream to take a good night's sleep.

'Moisturizing Care' products?

From gel-type moisture cream that gives a refreshing and light finish to heavy but rich in hydration moisturizing cream. There are so many varieties.

Gel Moisturizing Cream: If your skin is dry but you have problems such as acne and oily T-zone, we recommend a lightweight cream.

#Thelavicos The Most Active Gel Cream:
A gel-type cream that gives refreshing moment and leaving hydration after application.

Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream: A gel cream that strengthens the supply of moisturizing factors in the skin and produces moist skin all day long.

▶ Cold wind and low temperature slows down the metabolism of the body so regeneration of the skin get slower, and it becomes difficult to deliver enough hydration in to the skin even with enough moisture supply. The balance of the skin collapses and cause lacks moisture but abundant oil causes skin troubles. Gel-type moisture cream is lightweight and absorbs in to skin quickly, enabling dense moisturizing to the skin. It also goes on matte without shine, so it is perfect for oily skin and does not transfer even if it’s used before applying make-up. However, it is better to use it frequently because it evaporates faster than the rich textured products.

Rich Moisturizing Cream: If you have a lot of indoor activity, and your eye wrinkles and age lines are more noticeable, or if skin looks duller at the evening compared to the morning, we recommend using a rich moisture cream.

# L'Occitane Shea Ultra Rich Comforting Cream:
A moisturizing cream that protects skin and strengthens skin barrier.

# Clarins HydraQuench Cream: A delicate textured moisture cream that replenishes moisture to dry skin.

▶ Using heater during the winter can make the indoors very dehydrated. Due to the dry environment, the skin barrier collapses and the skin feels dry. A rich moisturizing cream forms a thick moisturizing film on the surface of the skin, protecting it from drying out. However, the heavy dosage product will not be effective if it is not sufficiently absorbed into the skin. Be sure to apply it while pressing firmly as you melt with warm hands. (photo by HP&C, Thelavicos, Laneige, L'Occitane, Clarins, bntnews DB)

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