‘It’s more delicious when you mix it’ Enjoy Chicken 100 Times More

[by Oh Eun Sun] There is a food that is benefiting from the Korean wave craze. Fried chicken is gaining popularity along with drama or movie characters because they are often portrayed to enjoy chicken with beer.

Chicken is very compatible with beer, but if you enjoy it with other menus besides beer, you can find more delicious ways to enjoy them. Especially, the chicken brand Goobne chicken is a leader of Chicken Rice, 'Chibab' which means chicken and rice together. Of course, the recipe is very easy, and it has receive a great response. Let's take a closer look at this recipies.

The Goobne volcano chicken is the original ‘chibab’ aid menu. The spicy sauce, chicken, and rice combines to make it hot and sweet. Especially, the magma sauce that comes with the chicken is the essential material of 'Chibab'. First, the most basic recipe for volcano chicken is made from dried seaweed powder, sesame oil, and radish. Put white rice, volcano chicken, radish, sesame oil, and dried seaweed powder in a bowl and put a bag of magma sauce in it and mix it around.

There is also a sweet corn Chibab recipe for children to enjoy. Drain all of the liquid from the sweet corn, cut the red onion into thin slices, cut the cucumber in 4 equal halves and chop in to small pieces. Mix sweet corn, onion, cucumber with lemon juice and salt together. After mixing the rice, chicken, and magma sauce in a bowl, put the sweet cone on top and finish with parmesan cheese.

Recently released Goobne chicken’s new menu Galbi King Chicken can be enjoyed even more with rice. It is a rib-sauced chicken that replicates the taste of authentic ribs. It is better if you eat it with lettuce and green onions like the real ribs.

The recipe to enjoy with the green onion slices is very simple. Prepare Galbi King Chicken by tearing them in to smaller pieces, and mix green onions with green onion chicken sauce. Put the rice in a bowl and put the King of Kings sauce that comes with the chicken. When you add sesame oil, dried seaweed powder, chicken, and green onions, you are done.

Also, you can use Galbi King Chicken as a kimbap ingredient. Place rice that has been seasoned with sesame oil and salt on the dried seaweed then place a lettuce on top. Add Galbi King Chicken, hot peppers and King of Kings sauce and roll it to perfection. Then all you have to do is cut them in to mouth size pieces. If you are interested in other recipes besides the recipes we have shared, you can visit the website of the Goobne Chicken.

On the other hand, Goobne chicken is a popular chicken brand in Hong Kong, China, and around the world. In 2014, it entered Hong Kong for the first time. They succeeded in attracting sales with high quality and service. Currently, there are many branches in Asia including Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok, Macao and Suzhou China.

Despite the small amount of calories, it boasts excellent taste and is popular with women in their 20s who are sensitive to their body image. It is also popular place for date night. (photo by Goobne Chicken, bntnews DB)

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