Chinese Masterpiece ‘FEATHER FLIES TO THE SKY’ Set to Premiere in March!

Chinese Masterpiece ‘FEATHER FLIES TO THE SKY’ is set to premiere on March 3, 2017.

It is a drama JIAPING PICTURES produced by mass production, and creates a big sensation by an amazing star-studded cast including Zhang Yi, Yin Tao, Gao Shu Yao, Zhang Jia Ning, Hua Kun.

‘FEATHER FLIES TO THE SKY’ Yiwu is a drama depicting startup success of a Yiwu merchant (Chen Jiang He, Zhang Yi cast), and its protagonist who strives to work for family and business is expected to make us moved and hopeful.

It touches us on a sore spot in our lives by the material of ‘startup’

‘FEATHER FLIES TO THE SKY’ is an only drama of the reality of the day among those Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China advocates, and the last work of Zhejiang business-material trilogy.

It shows adamant reformative creativity of the people in Yiwu in the background of commercial development in Zhejiang, China. Especially, it depicts the difficulty of startup and the development of Chinese commerce with a realistic material of startup through performance of a protagonist Chen Jiang He and his wife Luo Yu Zhu (Yin Tao cast).

Also, it describes a commercial advancement of half-century from the tradition of bartering chicken feathers for candies to the current E-commerce in China, so it proceeds to a story about the realistic material. During a period of lacking in supplies, a little wisdom that small traders bartered chicken feathers for candies promoted an urban development and played a huge role in raising a standard of the next generation’s material culture.

Performance with a true heart

Zhang Yi and Yin Tao, a man and a woman, love each other over half a century. The doleful performance of love between the two male/ female protagonists is expected to move viewers strongly. The two have already worked together on ‘A family of Wenzhou’ and attracted many people’s attention, showing off tremendous chemistry on an already released teaser video. It is much expected how the two amazing stars will proceed to the drama by their performance.

Sympathy UP, inspiring with a positive energy of startup

‘FEATHER FLIES TO THE SKY’ reflects many generations from the 60s~the 70s to the present. So, it inspires many people for generations with sympathy.

Also, its protagonist, dreaming of success, goes through hardships and failure to find enlightenment. This is why it is expected to move some and inspire others with a positive energy.

Especially, ‘FEATHER FLIES TO THE SKY’ has a unique viewpoint of the age. Its story of Zhejiang commerce’s high-rising in China shows objectively the troubles and puzzlement to occur to young people in the new age of Chinese economic reform. Moreover, the chemistry between the character actors and outstanding production crew makes the drama attract much attention even before its beginning of broadcasting.

Meanwhile, ‘FEATHER FLIES TO THE SKY’ is to be on air simultaneously on Zhejiang satellite TV and Jiangsu satellite TV at 7:35pm CST every day from March 3, 2017. Also, it will be exclusively broadcasted on Chinese online video channel, the Russ. (photo by JIAPING PICTURES)


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