‘Hyuna-Lee Honey’ Gather All Hot Body Stars That Give Us Diet Desire

[by Lee Hee Soo] It’s been a month since the New Year resolution to go on a ‘diet’. If you had lost the will power over time, make sure to pay attention.

We are listing the entertainment industry’s top hot body stars that will stimulate your diet desires.

With their body care methods, let’s rekindle the fire for the diet.

1. Korea’s Sexy Icon, ‘Hyuna’

It is not an exaggeration to say that Hyun-a is the sexy icon representing Korea. She shines more on stage and makes everyone jealous with a flawless body.

She once shared her secret about managing her body on a radio program. She always exercised as much as ate and made of habit of standing around on purpose after each meal. In fact, if you sit immediately after a meal without any other movement, it can cause weight can or fat around your lower abdomen.

2. Miss Korea's dignity ‘Lee Honey’

Winner of 2006 Miss Korea and 3rd runner up of 2007 Miss Universe, Lee Honey’s beauty surpasses Korea and is recognized worldwide. Her amazing body remains the same even after 10 years.

On an entertainment program in 2016, she revealed her diet secret. It is called the Guacamole. Guacamole is made with a mixture of appetite suppressing avocados with tomatoes which fills up the stomach and onions. In addition, she eats vegetables, tofu and low-calorie food and do Pilates, ballet and other exercises to maintain her impeccable body.

3. Body that re-climbs the charts ‘Hani’

The so-called ‘fancam’ of EXID’s Hani was enough to put ‘Up & Down’ on the top of the charts. It’s also enough to motivate your diet desires so let’s set her banging body as your smartphone background.

She once shared on a radio program how she got ready for a comeback and lost 9 kg by eating just enough to survive. She does not recommend this method of not eating food to control the weight. Stay away from this type of diet since it will make you lose muscles and can be bad for your health.

4. The titleholder of the luxury apple hip 'Park Soo Jin'

Park Soo Jin practice perfect self-management for youthful beauty and glamorous body.  If you envy her, can’t keep your eye off, visuals, pay close attention. 

She introduced her tips on how to make an apple hip on a TV show. From a standing position, lift one of your legs backwards and tilt your upper body forward to make a T shape, then repeat to bend and stretch your leg repeatedly.  In addition to this, you can see her diligence in managing her slender figure through her social media.

▶ Home Care Diet Device to make enviable Hot Body

If you are too intimidated of the cold weather to go outside or if you don’t want to go on a harsh diet like starving yourself, you should pay attention to home care diet devices. Le Body Form, which helps with the effective diet using medium frequency electromagnetic waves, is intended to reduce body fat by creating muscles. With continuous use, it will be effective on stubborn areas and hard to manage cellulites. Le Body Form is also efficient since it can be used on a wide area such as the abdomen, thighs and calves. (photo by Le Body Form, bntnews DB)

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