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[by Oh Eun Sun] A consumer who makes a reasonable choice based on various comprehensive information, so-called 'smart consumer', is increasing. They usually find good and worthy products at a reasonable price, using the spa and skincare program at home that used to be only available at an esthetic for expensive price.

Maxclinic is a popular brand for spa home care. The unique products are fun to use and show rapid results. Under the motto of ‘Healing Skin Care Optimized for My Skin’, the brand has gathered range of professional spa and cosmetic professionals to make it easy to experience professional spa care at home. We introduce the products of Maxclinic, a spa brand that launches a series of unique products.

Best 1

Maxclinic Meso Change program has received high interest. This is a special skin treatment program developed from the concept of Micro-needle Therapy System (MTS), which improves the turnover cycle of skin due to aging.

Meso Change program consisted of a dermis collagen ampoule and a hyaluronic needle roller. The hyaluronic needle roller is 97% pure hyaluronic acid, which is melting inside of the skin and creates a penetration path so that the ampoule can be absorbed deep into the skin. When the needle touches the skin for the first time, you might feel some tingling, but then it turns in to a pleasant stimulation. This fine stimulation helps the skin turn over cycle skin to ability to fill up the inside of skin. This improves the aged skin turnover cycle.

In fact, this product is gaining popularity from a lot of smart consumers who are worried about skin aging.

Best 2

This is a worldwide famous product through SNS. Maxclinic Cirmage Lifting Stick attracted the attention due to the surprising lifting effect.

A cream was made into a solid bar and combined with a massage method to make this product. The high concentration stick which holds 7 times the condensed the nutrition ingredient of the existing cream, is gradually melts by the body temperature and absorbed deeply into the skin. In addition, 17 peptide complexes that are effective for anti-aging and more than 50 active ingredients are added to maximize the lifting effect. Especially with Tox Bonding Complex, it helps to firmly fix the skin.

This product can be used as a home care massage that was available only at the professional spa. In particular, the stick type design makes it easy to massage yourself. Moreover, the anti-aging effect is excellent, and it is possible to enjoy the results.

Best 3

Maxclinic Miraclinic Plaster Corset Mask is also one of interesting items. Plaster masks were usually available only by the estheticians because of the cumbersome preparation process and method. However, this product is considered a breakthrough product because it does not have to go through a troublesome process.

Miraclinic Plaster Corset Mask consists of 2 steps. The 1st, Ampoule Dressing sheet contains 18 bottles worth of ampoule, delivering rich nutrition to the skin. 2nd, Contouring Objects are used to transfer effective ingredients deep into the skin by the sealing effect of plaster.  In fact, it hardens when attached, promoting circulation of blood and lymph flow to molds the face shape, providing eyes, cheeks and chin lifting effect.

First pull out the 1st piece, apply to the mouth position, and wrap it around the chin by pulling on the wings. Then take out the 2nd pieces and slowly press on the ampoule dressing from the forehead and press it tight on the cheeks and around the mouth. Then pull the wings of the jaw piece along the face line and pull it tight. Then push down with your hand and mold the frame. Press down any bubbles by hand until the plaster is moist. After 20 minutes, remove the plaster to finish. (photo by Maxclinic, N&B Lab, bntnews DB)


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