How to Get Fair Skin? Follow These Rules and You’ll Be OK!

[by Hwang Yeon Do] What are the similarities of beautiful women? It is important to have prominent features, but the clean and pearlescent fair skin is the core essential of beauty. 
Therefore, the most popular skin care in dermatology and esthetic shops in recent years is the 'whitening' procedure. As this is an era of investing to obtain flawless skin, cosmetics and beauty medical technology related to whitening are continuously developing.

However, it is not easy to see whitening effects just by purchasing expensive cosmetics. In order to obtain fair skin, everyday lifestyle is important. It is necessary to make constant efforts in your normal life, such as blocking UV rays and providing your skin with whitening care periodically.

This is for women who are suffering from dark and dull skin. A whitening care tips that can give you luscious skin and a 'tone up makeup' know-how to make your skin brighter.

Essential item for 4 season pearlescent skin is sunscreen    

For fair skin, you must take special care against the UV rays, which is a major cause of dull skin tone. It is recommended to apply sunscreen 30 minutes for thorough absorption before exposure to sunlight. When applying sunscreen, make sure to apply evenly and meticulously following the skin texture to avoid blotchiness.

It is good amount for sunscreen is the size of 500 won coin on your hand and you should re-apply every 3 hours for effective protection again UV rays. If this is troublesome, you can apply sunscreen before putting on make-up and wait until it full absorb, then use cushion or BB cream with SPF on top for better protection.

A cleansing method that will give you an immaculate skin

A typical cleansing method for skin whitening will be rice water cleansing. Rice water contains vitamins B1, B2, and minerals, which are effective for skin whitening and moisturizing. The most important thing when cleansing is to rinse thoroughly with tepid water after cleansing rice. Any rice water left in the pores can cause skin troubles.

Green tea cleansing method is also excellent for whitening effect. The tannins of green tea help to remove wastes and sebum and increase skin elasticity. Also, the polyphenols contained in green tea are effective for whitening functions as well as controlling swelling.

First, place a green tea bag or leaves in warm water to brew the tea and use it to wash your face several times. Then rinse away the green tea with cold water. Washing your face with rice water or green tea can everyday can actually irritate your skin, so make sure to only use it 2-3 times a week.

Tone-up Makeup TIP

It would be nice if you had pearlescent fair skin since birth, but if you were born with a darker skin, it is not easy to change your skin tone even with all the whitening care. In that case, you can brighten your skin with tone-up makeup. 

First, let's get a tone correcting effect using a tone-up base that matches your skin color. You can use light purple color base if you have yellow complexion, use green tone base for red complexion or use light pink base for dull and dark complexion to complement the skin tone.

However, even with a light tone base, it is often the case that it gets dull again over time. In this case, you need to make sure that you get even skin tone by taking care of the blemishes. Apply bright tone concealer or base one more time around the lips and eyes, which is relatively darker than rest of the face. Use green tone concealer on the trouble area to cover the redness.

Finally, let's use red lipstick to emphasize the pearlescent skin. If you use the lips as point, it will make the tone of your face relatively whiter and brighter.

# Editor’s pick

1.    Charmzone 'Albatross Powder Sun' is good to use as a daily sunscreen product because it is smooth and fresh like a powder and also combines UV protection functions and can be used as a makeup base.

2.     Deoproce 'Natural Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam Deep Cleansing' is an effective product for soothing the skin with rice water ingredient. Also, since it contains rice bran, rice kernel scrub and other mixed extracts, you can get natural exfoliating effect at the same time.

3.     Innisfree 'No sebum Correcting Cushion' is a product that can produce bright and radiant skin evenly. In addition, the oil-free, hydrating formula can give you silky smooth skin. You can choose from the 3 colors to get natural tone-up results according to your skin tone.

4.     Clio 'Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Color Concealer' is made up of 3 colors, and it can easily and quickly cover the trouble areas according to the skin type.

5.     Estee Lauder 'Envy Vinyl Lip Color' is composed of 5 colors and has excellent pigmentation and sustainability. Because it is watery jelly type, it is perfect for the dry winter season. (photo by bntnews DB, Charmzone, Deoproce, Innisfree, Clio, Estee Lauder, Osulloc Homepage)


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