What Are Fashion Styles for 'High-Class' Actresses?

[by Kim Min Soo] The ‘Missy’ actresses who masters their private and social life. We are not talking about just their acting skills. They show off their skin and body that trumps over anyone in their 20s along with sophisticated fashion sense to captivate our attention.

Jeon Ji Hyun, who appeared in the popular drama, ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ and Lee Young Ae, who made a long waited come back with a new drama, ‘Saimdang, Light's Diary’ and Han Chae Young, who is hosting a beauty program, all boasted their beauty at public events and airports.

We looked into the styling of theses actresses Jeon Ji Hyun, Lee Young Ae and Han Chae Young, who we just cannot believe they have children,

#‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ Jeon Ji Hyun, looking stylish with a coat and Denim Pants match

She is professional, and she can shine anywhere. Actress Jeon Ji Hyun, who attended the drama 'The Legend of the Blue Sea' finale party, caught our eyes by wearing a simple yet hard to pull off, white top and jeans fashion. She matched a coat and sneakers to create a stylish yet comfortable ‘after party’ look.

[Editor Pick] If you want to be a wearable, stylish, well-dressed ‘missy’ for your daily look or at an airport, this is one of the rules to follow. Especially, the match between coat and denim goes well with any mood, so it is the favorite style that many women prefer.

# 'Goddess Presence' Lee Young Ae, actress like a high-quality appearance at a public event

Actress Lee Young Ae, returned to the house theater after 13 years. Her timeless beauty that stands the test of time was enough to draw the public's attention. She attended a brand event and she made a splash with elegant, sophisticated and exquisite two-piece styling.

[Editor Pick] It might seem too over the top, but you will not find a better color than red to appeal your presence. It is more special because it is styling that can not only radiate sophisticated charm but also capture hearts of men.

# Actress Han Chae Young, Fashion & Beauty Certified Fashionista

Actress Han Chae Young showed up at the airport for editorial photo shoot. She matched black coat and a turtleneck to create a chic and sophisticated look. Her large sunglasses with a frame gave us a glimpse of her urban chic charm.

[Editor Pick] There is sophistication of 30s and 40 that comes with age that cannot be attained by those in their 20s. Let’s create an elegant and feminine looks with one-piece dress layered look. You will be able to maximize the unique atmosphere of the ‘Missy’. (Photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)

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