Dry Skin ‘Warning’, a Regimen for Moist Skin!

[by Kim Hyo Jin] The key to skin care during the winter is moisture care. The skin that is full of hydration produces a vivid and youthful glow. Let's look at the secrets of skin care that moisturize and revitalize your skin.

Do you care about what you eat?

While it is important to care of your skin from the outside, let’s create a healthy skin from the inside as well. Good foods not only make our body strong, but it also strengthens our skin. 

1.    Meals : The fact is that sodium is not only an enemy of diet, but also bad for skin. It is better to avoid foods with strong spices, and eat only the solid ingredients from the soup. It is also recommended to eat with vegetables that are rich in fiber.

2.    Snack : As for snacks, we recommend nuts, fruits or hard boiled eggs. Apples are rich in vitamin C and helps to clear skin and egg whites are rich in protein and is very effective for skin elasticity.

3.    Moisture : How about drinking herbal tea instead of coffee to protect moisture in your skin? Hibiscus is filled with vitamins to improve dull complexions.

Choose your products carefully!

Basic care is most important for skincare. You must are more careful since the basic products goes on your face every day.

1.    Cleanser : Incorrect face cleansing takes away moisture from your skin. You can keep the moisture in my skin by washing your face with proper water temperature and cleanser with mild ingredients.

2.    Ampoules : It is important to make a even skin tone after cleansing. Clean skin tone plays a big role in the appearance of vitality. It is a step that you should never skip, no matter how inconvenient it gets.

3.    Cream : Moisturizing Cream is the basic of hydration. Let’s provide enough hydration to your skin with the moisturizing creams. It is best to apply multiple thin layers rather than too much at once.

4.    Mask : Celebrities’ 1 day 1 pack regimens were a big topic for a while. You can achieve celebrity like skin by using mask pack to provide moisture. But since it is a daily product, make sure to choose mild ingredients and a right product for my skin type.

More perfect skin with makeup!

Well prepped skin can help you create more perfect makeup look. But wrong makeup can ruin your skin.

1.    Skin tone preparation : By prepping your skin’s texture before you apply makeup, you can create a smooth skin with no irritations. Apply toner on a cotton pad and gently wipe your skin.

2.    Skin Tone Up : Let's use a tone up cream to make your skin look brighter. It is a product that helps make instantly brighten skin. In addition, it is possible to create a hydrating makeup by adding moisture to your skin. 

3.    Hydrating base products: Foundations often make your skin look thicker and cover your pores and prevent your skin to breathe. By using a concealer to cover blemishes and applying light CC cream or BB Cream, you can create more natural and lively makeup look.

Editor’s Pick

01. AHMAD TEA Rosehip Hibiscus & Cherry Herb tea : A mixture of rosehip and sweet cherry.  It boasts the deep aroma and flavor of Rosehip and Cherry.

02. Thelavicos the most active cream : Ultra low molecular weight hyaluronic acid maintains the basic moisturizing power as well as prevents and improves skin damage for healthier skin.

03. BANILACO it Radiant CC Cream : The transparent whitening active ingredient, Niacinamide, improves dull skin tone and the clear radiance capsule gives the skin a lively glow. (photo by HP&C, Thelavicos, Olive Young, Ahmad Tea, BANILA CO, bntnews DB)

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