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[bnt interview] ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ Lee Ji Hoon, Dreaming to be a ‘National Boyfriend’

[by Woorim Ahn, photo by Jo Hee Sun] Evil and cold-hearted Heo Chi Hyun couldn’t be found in his innocent, big eyes and slight dimples. However, every single of his words revealed his true feelings for acting with positive energy and smiles.

Lee Ji Hoon that appeared in SBS drama ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ talked about his character Heo Chi Hyun and himself at the interview with bntnews. He said, “I’m deeply appreciated for working with good director, staffs and actors for three months.”

Heo Chi Hyun was a typical villain in any other dramas, but his heart was pure and lack of affection. Thus, his death was a bit sad for the audiences and his last words for his mother saying, “I truly hated to be your son” were enough to surprise his mother Kang Seo Hee (Hwang Shin Hye) and the audiences.

“I was curious about the ending. My character committing a suicide was rare in mini-series, and it will last in my memory for a while. I was embarrassed at first when I got the script for 19th episode. The line was like a compressed version of his reflection and complicating feelings into a word, so I thought ‘I should do it well’.”

He should have many words for Heo Chi Hyun as he lived as the character for 3 months. At the end of the 3-month journey, what would he want to say? He was pondering and revealed his affection for the character.

“Chi Hyun, you’ve lived very tough. I wish you rest in peace with much love up there.”

He debuted with KBS drama ‘School 2013’ in 2012 and his passion for acting was still there even 5 years were passed. “I want to try romance genre for real. I really can do it well (laugh). I can date together and make each other laugh. Actually, I don’t have any preferences in genres. I want to do something that I can do well.”

When he got a question asking about his ideal type, he thought for a while and added, “Actually, I didn’t have any specific ideal types. I just liked Song Yun Ah so much. As I had relationships in my 20s, I thought it would be better to meet someone that can understand me as I have a special job than any others.”

He revealed that he once worked as a program’s staff and he acknowledged well about the staffs’ worries and struggles. That’s why he had more fear about variety shows as he needs to make people laugh in front of many cameras.

“I’m shy to film a variety talk show in studios. I need to speak well in such shows, but I can’t, so if a chance comes, maybe variety programs filming outside would be better for me.”

He’s now at the sixth year of his career. He didn’t hesitate to answer about his fans that are especially impressive. He said, “There are fans that began to love me since ‘School 2013’. There are two running my fan community and one coming to my work site with pink and yellow hair. There are also two people got to know each other because of me. Actually all of them stay in my memory as they started loving me from the beginning.”

“I can’t take care of my parents at movie premieres, but my fans did. I heard that my fans and parents sometimes send texts each other. (smile) They are truly great. So, that’s why I do my best to my fans and take pictures together. In fact, I don’t really go for ‘mysterious concept’. I wish I can hold a fan meeting someday.”

Lee Ji Hoon is now standing at the beginning point of his 30s. He said, “It’s my goal to try new genres. I want to go on a trip by myself to Europe, but I think I should try my best this year.” Since he hasn’t taken a rest after the drama, he might be exhausted, but he kept thinking about his next step.

“I want to keep this passion, but I want to try something else. I keep worrying what to show on the next step. I’m not a decisive person, so many thoughts go on my mind these days.”

Is it because of the questions on his mind? Although he kept building his filmography steadily, he wanted to run further as he doesn’t want to stay at a point. There is a saying ‘Efforts never betray’, there will be a day for him to get a modifier ‘national boyfriend’ someday. (photo by bntnews DB)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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