How to Make Voluminous Plump Lips

[by Lim Miae] A one of common features of stars that appear in dramas, commercials and editorials is a cherry like lips. The voluminous lips are important beauty point for the ideal beauty standard.

Plump lips can be described as the first condition of looking young. If you were only dedicating your devotions only to your skin and eye makeup and used any lipstick or lip gloss to create a dismal volume, pay attention.

Each person has different lip color, but all items are not tailored to the individual type. So you should learn and be aware of the correct usage protocol.

STEP 1_ Prop your lip’s natural tone

Lips also require detailed preparation before you put on the makeup. Just like you prep your skin tone with base before applying foundation, lips require prepping as well. By using concealer or foundation that matches your skin tone to neutralize the redness before you put on lipstick, you will be able to enjoy more vivid and rich colors.

If your lip lines are not defined, let’s use a lip liner pencil to create definition before you neutralized the red lips. The line will tone down with the lips to make it look more natural. Also clean and prep the surface of your lips with lip balm or Vaseline to remove dead skins.   
No matter how pigmented the item is, you cannot achieve good results if the base is a mess. If you apply your lip makeup after proper preparation, you will not only more pigmented colors but also create a plump up lips. 

STEP 2_ Lipstick layering

Lip volume is emphasized when the brightness of the center is different from the ends of the lips. This can be done easily by using lipsticks with different saturation by parts.

Dark colors like red can be used to create a sense of depth when mixed with pink or orange. Nude tone can be expressed more volume by applying clear lip gloss to the center of the lips. Applying brighter tone lipstick within the same color scheme in the center is another way to create dimensions. 

In case of glossy pink lipsticks, try applying Stylenanda’s 3CE ‘Pure Glow Lip Gloss’ or a luminous eyeshadow lightly in the center of the lips. The trick is to use an item with strong shine without pigments. You can apply a thin layer of clear lip gloss on top to prevent flaking.
STEP 3_ Finish with plumping

Moisture and smoothness are the basics of lip makeup. Plumping is the last step in lip make-up to add volume to your lips.

If you have wrinkles on your lips, use a lip primer to fill in between the wrinkles. Then, with products like, Kiehl’s 'Lemon Butter Color Lip Balm' which gently dissolve and remove dead skins before you apply a lipstick. It will balance the moisture and oil to hold it natural glow without dryness. When using a lip gloss, take a small amount with a lip brush and apply thoroughly. The brush will increase the adhesion and the color will last longer.

You can create a glowing sheen with just a lipstick or a lip tint, but when you consider color and texture, it is better to layer with lip gloss. The points is to create a dimension by applying a thin layer on the whole lips then use a luminous product only to the center of the lips very slightly.

Volume Up! Items at one glance

1 Stylenanda 3CE 'Pure Glow Lip Gloss' is a water gel texture item with excellent color and gloss. It is possible to produce a pure glow lip like an innocent girl, and it is possible to complete a gentle lip make-up by itself without mixing with other items.

2 Kiehl’s 'Lemon Butter Color Lip Balm' removes dead skins gently with lemon extract and coconut oil blend to create smooth lips. The pigment can be controlled from soft to strong freely, to suit your taste with layers.

3 Jungsaemmool 'Hi Glow Lipstick' is a melting item that smoothly slides and brightens your lips with high gloss. Raspberry seed oil, which contains a large amount of vitamin A and fermented camellia oil with excellent moisturizing effect, lock it moisturizing for a long time.

4 Benefit 'Chacha tint' protects your lips with the color of a tint and the moisture of a lip balm. Transparent coral sheen will help you to create an attractive lip makeup, and the natural sparkle can be mix and match with other items. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda 3CE, Kiehl’s, Jungsaemmool, Benefit)


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