Park Shin Hye-Zhou Jiuqiong-Cheng Xiao, Lovely Date Makeup Tip for Valentine’s Day

[by Song Eun Ji] February 14, which Valentine’s Day that is a day for lovers to strengthen their love. If you have prepared a special Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend, now it’s time to prepare lovely style to grab his attention.

How should you complete a Valentine’s Day date make-up that is more special than your usual makeup while still looking lovely? We introduce a lovely make-up method that will last the whole day in perfect condition.

What is ‘Lovely Makeup’?

Let's take a look at the makeup look of the stars that are cherished by their lovely charm. A light blusher with a glowing skin is a key point of a lovely makeup. Here you can appeal a girlish charm like Cosmic Girls’ Zhou Jiuqiong and Cheng Xiao with a vivid lip makeup or feminine charm like Park Shin Hye and Han Hyo Joo with light pink or coral color lip makeup.

'Lovely Makeup' 3 STEP Directions

STEP 1 Base Makeup

Before you start your makeup routine, let’s concentrate on the basic skin care first. A solid moisturizing barrier should be built on the skin to improve make-up application and sustainability. Apply a thin layer of moisturizing cream all over the face and tap gently for better absorption. At this time, using moisturizing cream containing ingredients similar to the skin's sebum like lanolin, or so-called 'Sheep Oil', allows faster absorption and makes skin care much easier.

Then, spray face mist to a liquid type hydrating foundation that matches your skin tone and tap it gently on your face with a puff. Use a concealer to cover any dark spots and fix your makeup with a mist type fixer to lock in glossy and hydrating skin for a long time. 

STEP 2 Eye Makeup

Dark eye makeup is banned from the Valentine’s Day Makeup. Apply pink or coral eyeshadow as a base over your lids. Then use black eyeliner to draw a thin line and fill in the tear line in-between the eyelashes. It is better to create definition with eyelashes than heavy eyeliner.

STEP 3 Lip & Cheek Makeup

The finishing touch of the lovely makeup is adding warmth and color to your lips and cheeks. Tap on cream type blusher on the highest point of your cheeck bone when you smile. Blend it out to match your glossy skin. Then, chose a lip-tint color depending on the look you want to create, and apply it from the inside of the lips to complete your makeup. 

"Do you want to be a lovely girlfriend?" Recommended beauty items

01 KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM By using lanolin ingredient extracted from young sheep’s fleece and adding 8 kinds of ingredients from the berries, this functional moisturizer is whitening, anti-aging, nourishing and all-in-one care cream.

02 banila co. RADIANT LONGWEAR FOUNDATION Contains herbal water complex to provide hydration for smooth and moisturized skin for long period of time.

03 HERA MAKE UP FIXER Sticks on the make-up like magnet to give healthy glow and enhance make-up sustainability.

04 CLINIQUE Lash Power Mascara Smudge proof & water proof technology keeps eyelashes clean and full all day.

05 innisfree mineral fit stick-blusher A stick-type blusher that is keeps long lasting natural cheek make-up lightly on the skin.

06 espoir LIP STAIN OIL TINT The moisturizing essential oil helps to create a hydrated and voluminous lip make-up. (photo by Kicho, Espoir, Innisfree, Clinique, Hera, bntnews DB)


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