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[bnt interview] Jo Woo Jin, “’Goblin’ pushed me to the audiences”

[by Woorim Ahn, photo by Baek Soo Yeon] ‘Goblin’ wrapped up with the great records in tvN and many residues are left. The mass public is still in ‘Goblin’ fever, even other countries in Asia got fascinated into it. Just like that, the drama was ‘great’ like its title.

Jo Woo Jin, who played the role of Secretary Kim, visited bntnews and talked about his feelings after the drama. He seemed very exhausted due to hectic schedules, but he was delightful and happy when he began talking about the drama.

He said, “I’m so honored and lucky to be a part of ‘Goblin’. Since it made a great hit, I got busy, but I am so happy because of the fans’ love. I deeply appreciate the director and scriptwriter.” The drama became a hot issue as the same staffs from ‘Descendant of the Sun’ participated in it. Just like he mentioned ‘lucky’, he was truly lucky to be casted in.

He added, “I just went to see the director for a small meeting and he suggested the role (the secretary). I didn’t know what to do, so I asked ‘how am I supposed to do at this situation?’ and the director answered ‘all you need to say is to work on it together’. That’s all I said and we shook hands; that’s how everything started.”

His role was quite important. Although he supported Yoo Duck Hwa (Yook Sung Jae), he needed to give advices and rejections time to time in the right ways to Duck Hwa. As time went by, his chemistry with Yook Sung Jae reached to the top. He said, “It was more than I thought. We knew what to do for adlibs and reacted flexibly.”

He also added, “Yook Sung Jae is totally different on and off the camera. When it’s on, he was truly Yoo Duck Hwa; he was so into the character, but when it was off, he changed to like a little brother that is pure and kind.”

Since ‘Goblin’ made a tremendous hit, it should be more meaningful than others for him. He pondered for a long time and brought words. He said, “It’s like a gift that I don’t deserve.”

Surprisingly, he didn’t dream for his job at first. He just wanted to seek for his true ego: that’s how his acting career started and how he got over the struggles as an unknown actor. When he was playing on the stage, he admired to film for screens. His motivation for acting was to look for his aspects, and it didn’t change yet.

Even if he was admiring for the screens, he didn’t lose his affection for the stage. He continued, “There are no difference of nature in acting in plays, films and dramas. It’s the difference of mechanism, but attitudes for acting should not change. Actors should deliver what the texts contain the messages or humane stories.”

Jo Woo Jin doesn’t have a role model in his acting career. It might sound conceited, but he had a reasonable reason. He said, “If I get to have role models, my ways could be shaken and I might copy them, so I don’t have a role model.”

He was so sure and straightforward in his words for acting. As much as he had hard times, he knew how to get over those smartly and looked back comfortably. What are his goals for 2017? He said, “I don’t set goals or plans far away from the present. I just want to work hard this year as well, since this is my time to build a solid foundation.” (photo by bntnews DB)

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