“Perfect for knitted sweater!” How to Create Fresh Base Makeup Like Yoona, Suzy and Kim Go Eun

[by Song Eun Ji] Winter is the season of ‘Knitted Sweaters’. Knitted Sweater are warm, colorful and has variety of styles depending on the threading texture.

In order to transfer the warmness of the knitted sweater to your face, trying using a powdery base makeup. Introducing the winter base makeup that goes perfect with the knitted sweaters, fresh but not dry.

Do not think the powdery base makeup will make you look dry and patchy. Your skin should be fresh but glowing inside with moisture. The celebrities with knitted sweaters all use similar base makeup techniques.

While wearing the turtleneck that are indispensable during the winter, Kim Yu Jung, Yoona and Gong Hyo Jin’s skin all look powdery but never dry. Park Shin Hye, who is wearing a regular knitted sweater instead of a turtleneck is also the same. They look fresh but their skin glows from the inside creating a radiant complexion.

So what do you do to create a base makeup that looks moist and fresh like the celebrities? The first thing you need to do is to put a moisture film on your skin through perfect basic skin care.

Let's start the basic skincare with moisturizer such as Sheep Oil Cream that is rich in nutrition without the stickiness. Only when the basic foundation skin care take priority, it maintains a clean makeup for a long time and make it possible to express moisture glow that seem to emerge with in the skin like the stars.

Then, apply pore primer around points that are easy to shine like the T zone or nose. It can enhance smooth skin texture as well as lengthen the makeup sustainability.  Finish it with a thin powdery foundation that covers the entire face. If you want to produce more powdery skin expression, it is also a good idea to use loose powder once more in the finishing step.

“Perfect for knitted sweaters!” Items for fresh based makeup

01 KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM Lanolin & Berry By using lanolin ingredient extracted from young sheep’s fleece and adding 8 kinds of ingredients from the berries, this functional moisturizer is whitening, anti-aging, nourishing and all-in-one care cream. It is rich in nutrition but not sticky, so it is good for the foundation skin care use before makeup.

02 Innisfree NO-SEBUM Blur Primer It smooths rugged pores and irregularities of the skin, while the pore-controlling primer keeps the skin fresh for a long time.

03 LANCOME MAT MIRACLE 24H Foundation This foundation controls oils and sebum to keep skin fresh yet moisturized finish. The skin feels smooth with gentle glow all day.
04 Laura Mercier Mineral Finishing Powder Loose powder that covers the pores and absorbs sebum to enhance the makeup duration helps powdery skin expression. (photo by Kicho, Innisfree, Lancome, Laura Mercier, bntnews DB)

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