Men’s Skincare Tips Making Even Goblin and the Grim Reaper Jealous!

[by Kim Hyo Jin] Recently, drama ‘Goblin’ featuring fantasy elements such as the Goblin, his bride and the Grim Reaper is very popular. Its unique materials and solid story line heat up the living room every Friday night. The main characters are of course hot issue as well.

Gong Yoo, who plays the Goblin and Lee Dong Wook, who plays the Grim Reaper made a comeback to dramas after long hiatus to swoon female audiences with their good looks. Let’s take a look at the secrets of the two actors who seems to never age like the vampire for a long time.

During the winter, men also need to take care of their skins. Men have relatively thick skin compare to women, so just by following few points, you’ll be able to protect your skin from aging and show off healthier skin.

POINT 1_Cleansing

Gong Yoo’s skin can stand any amount of close up even in HD TV screen. Not only he can stand it, he reminds us of a scene of a Commercial every time. Breakouts and Blackheads should never be tolerated for clear skin.

For men, proper cleansing products are rarely used for washing the face. Compared to women, men often chose any type of products without knowledge or use soap to avoid cosmetic products with film residue.

However, this will only make you skin worse, if you have frequent outdoor activities or have active sebaceous glands. If you get over the laziness and chose a cleanser that is right for you and clean every nooks and crannies, you are half way done with total skin care.

POINT 2_ Moisturizing and Functional Products

Lee Dong Wook shows a hundred percent synchronization rate with the Grim Reaper. His fair complexion makes even the women jealous.

You should never skip skincare no matter how much you feel lazy to put something on your face. You don’t have to go through all of the steps. During the winter, a moisturizing cream or functional cream filled with vitamins and nutrients will do the trick.

Consistent use of the moisturizing cream will heal sensitive skin from the cold weather as well as the skin textures. In addition, vitamin ampoules play an important role in male skin, to brighten the skin tone which may appear dull.

POINT 3_Aftershave

Most men neglect sensitive skin after shaving. The damaged skin with a sharp blade should be tamed with soothing and moisturizing products.

The irritated skin can not only cause skin troubles, but also make dead skins more visible. After shaving, let the skin shine with aftershave. However, a product that contains a large amount of alcohol or a strong scent may cause more irritation to the skin.

POINT 4_Night Care

In the afternoon, special care is needed if the skin was stressed by the fine dust, pollution, or external irritations during the daily life. You don’t have to repeat the tedious process every day. We recommend this method on your special day or if your skin looks dull. Apply the same amount of face oil to moisturizing cream or night cream and apply to your skin. You will wake up to a new nourished skin.

Editor’s Pick

01. Thelavicos Enzyme Washing Powder: This product cleans the dead skin cells and wastes from the papaya enzyme and keeps it smooth.

02. Lizk First Pure Vitamin C Total Care Serum: This product provides pure vitamin C to the skin with a variety of natural ingredients. Full skin care is possible with just one serum. When used together nourishing cream, the effect can be doubled.

03. Clarins After Shave Energizer: Centella, Blue Alpine and Thistle extract cleanse, calm and revitalize skin. (Photo by HP&C, Thelavicos, Lizk, Clarins, bntnews DB)


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