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[Interview] CEO Bang Chang Seok with ‘First Base Jump Title in Asia’, “I Want to Continue to Challenge as an Adventurer”

[by Lee Heesoo, photo by Kim Chiyoon] Athlete Bang Chang Seok has the base jump title ‘for the first time in Asia’, and has been conquering a variety of extreme sports. He is an extreme sports fan full of challenge and passion and CEO for Team S Fitness Center.

Let’s meet CEO Bang Chang Seok who has capabilities, good looks, and even pleasant, straightforward personality. Anyone would be immersed in his confident attitude you can see during an interview.

▶Bang Chang Seok, Extreme Sports Fan

Q. How come you have begun and continue exercise?

I liked moving my body since I was young, but came to continue to exercise during my military service. As soon as I graduated from high school, I served in the special forces for 11 years. There were so many people with a strong body, and I didn’t want to lose. Since then, I did a variety of exercise. I have been through a process to set and accomplish a goal. Then, now I am a person who have done all the exercises which are the trends these days.

Q. I have heard you have accomplished a great career also in foreign countries, and have also participated in a contest recently.

I took part in a game which will be aired on Netflix on 24 February 2017. It was after a long while for me to participate in such a game. A total of 120 persons participated in the game, 20 persons from each of six countries. I think I was the eldest one (laugh). I can’t tell you my ranking since I am not allowed to do so before the game will be aired.

Q. Do you have a reason to play in a game?

In fact, I’m not much interested in games, so I don’t often participate in a game. However, I tried some games every year in order to show myself that I am alive. Therefore, I have a title which is for the first time in Asia. I have spent quiet time lately. Currently, I have some goals I want to accomplish by continuously challenging in the field of my current business. I want to challenge something new and exciting as an ‘adventurer’.

▶ How to Take Care of Body Line He Wants to Recommend to Modern People

Q. It is not easy for modern people to go to a gym or exercise elsewhere. Can you say something shocking to encourage them to exercise?

I have heard from someone that ‘it is hard to find a pig with a will’. It means let’s have a will to exercise. You continue to do skin care and keep going to hair salon until you die. Now there is no particular season for body line care. You must pay attention to it every day all around the year.

In addition, as you get older, some of your hormones decrease, causing loss of your muscles. Your arms and legs get thinner, and you get fat on your abdomen. You may also develop osteoporosis. Now you need to take care of your body since you may live until you become 100 years old.

Q. Can you recommend any way to lose weight?

I want to recommend LEBODY FORM, which is an item for a joint project I am proceeding. I heard it has sold for over 20 billion won within nine months through home shopping. I think its secret for the great popularity is its quality. It is made by superbly understanding the science of your body. In the past, some people earned a lot of money by running false advertising, but these days, there are lots of communication channels such as SNS, so if a product is poor, it is immediately known through word-of-mouth.

LEBODY FORM’s users range from those in their 20s to those in their 60s. I sometimes give it to entertainers or close friends as a present, but some others buy it in person and use it in the waiting room.

Q. What are its specific merits?

The EMS training is a global trend, so its market will become larger from here on. EMS helps your muscles autonomously contract and relax even if you are sitting still. You can enjoy great effects within a short time since it stimulates your inner muscles and those of your muscles you don’t use usually. EMS’s shortcoming is its costs.

LEBODY FORM also helps your muscles autonomously contract and relax and helps generate muscles in your body. When you have newly generated muscles, your basal metabolic rate (BMR) increases, and you can lose weight even if you eat the same amount as before. Since LEBODY FORM is made by fundamentally interpreting your body in a very scientific way, it can serve as a realistic solution. In addition, it is at a low cost, and you can use it conveniently at home.

A general EMS device presents a low frequency of 20-200 Hz, but LEBODY FORM provides a middle frequency of 1,000 Hz, which is five to fifty times that of such a general EMS device. You can get help just by using LEBODY FORM since it can give a more effective stimulus to your body. When you feel your physical change after using it, you naturally come to be interested also in exercise. Even after LEBODY FORM, there will be more advanced products released, so it would be good for you to be interested in them and try them.

▶ Future Plan of CEO Bang Chang Seok

Q. I guess you may expect the new year 2017, and what are your plans?

I am planning a LEBODY Form series. The details are a secret (smile). In addition, besides Team S Fitness Center I am currently running, I am preparing for another fitness center named after me. I am devising its concept, considering whether to make a public place or a private place, which will be great differences in location, scale, and details. I am also thinking about its name.

Q. Do you have some other plans?

I want to hold a competition which does not aim to show good-looking body but evaluates true ‘sports ability.’ I think ‘being good at exercise’ is ‘moving your body as you wish and crossing obstacles when an earthquake occurs or a building collapses’. I am thinking about a competition where famous athletes in various fields compete in crossing such obstacles. I want to let people know that what people do as exercise is not true exercise through the competition and to prepare a forum to let those with truly great ‘sport ability’ be known to the world. (photo by bntnews DB)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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