Enjoying Suzhou in China: the Venice of Asia

[by Oh Eunsun] There is a saying that, those who do not travel look at the world like reading only half of the book. Before you decide to pack for a trip, how about enjoying the history, culture and atmosphere of the each country or the region you are traveling to?  

Suzhou, China is known was the ‘city of water’ and famous for its well-developed waterways and canals, the reason for which the city owes its celebrated title of the “Venice of Asia.” Suzhou is emerging as a favorite destination for those who seek spiritual healing because of its singular atmosphere of peace and coziness. The city also boasts beautiful natural landscapes and has many great gardens. Here are a few of the great tourist attractions in Suzhou. 

Humble Administrator's Garden

The garden, celebrated for its exotic beauty, was selected as UNESCO World Heritage site. It is one of the most perfectly preserved private gardens in the world and the invaluable specimens of the ancient architectural style of the houses in which government officials resided. The garden is quite large, divided into three sections: the East, Central and West Garden. The half the garden is made of water and, during the summer, lotus flowers cover the entire pond, creating a magnificent view to look at. Along the waterside is a network of complicatedly yet aesthetically arranged corridors that connect many towers and buildings in the garden across the pond.

Pinjiang Road

Pinjiang Road is one of the ten most culturally unique sites in Chinese history. The houses here have preserved the ancient architectural style very well, creating a beautiful and exotic cityscape. Along the road you will find many exotic shops and eateries that will offer you a load of fun. You can also go on a boating ride in the canal along the road, enjoying the beautiful view from different angles.  

Shantang Street

Shantangjie is famous for beautiful nightscapes. The red light lanterns are lit after the sun sets, which in turn lit exotic buildings and houses creating a mesmerizing view. The scene appears as if ripped out of a beautiful scene in a film, which has made the place a favorite destination of couples in love. One word of caution, however. The beauty of the place naturally attracts a huge crowd at night, which makes your pocket vulnerable to shoplifters. Make sure to keep your stuff safe.

If you visited many places and had fun, you will surely feel hungry. With the popularity of the Korean Wave in China, the Korean dishes that appeared in Korean TV dramas have also become popular. In particular, chimaek (chicken + maekju (beer)) is loved by many, and may Chinese visit Korean chicken restaurants to taste chimaek.  

Among the popular Korean chicken franchises, Goopne chicken specializes in oven roasted chicken, which is low in calorie and therefore popular among women. It also offers various dishes from which you can pick and choose. Goopne Chicken runs its own restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau, so you can easily find their restaurants in these cities. Goopne Chicken is also going to open its restaurant in Suzhou on January 18, 2017. There will be a free food tasting even before the opening. (photo by Goopne Chicken, Baidu Encyclopedia, bntnews DB)

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