Envy Stars with Hot Body Such as Yoona, Shin Se Kyung, and Seolhyun? How to Reduce Your Body Size Secretly

[by Lee Hyejung] A perfect body is what everyone wants. How great would it be to keep a perfect body even if you eat as much as you want and you don’t do hard exercise?

However, reality is different from the ideal. If you want to have a gorgeous body, you need to make efforts and take time whichever you may try, exercise or diet.

If you want to secretly reduce your body size drastically, steady exercise is an essential element. These days, home training is a major trend, and you can find a variety of exercise videos on the Internet.

Your body fat starts to be decomposed when you exercise to sweat at least 30 minutes a time, four times a week. Don’t forget to stretch your body before and after exercise to prevent your muscles from being shocked.

Exercise requires a strong will. Busy modern people suffer from chronic lack of exercise, and it is not easy to steadily do some exercise.

If you want to boast a great look by reducing your body size within a short period, reshaping innerwears may be a way. Tight reshaping innerwears can make your body look great.

If you want to reduce your body size but lack time and various conditions, you can consider nonoperative lipolysis. Since it has no pain and does not require time to recover, it is gaining popularity among busy modern people. 

On Zeltiq, a nonoperative fat reduction method, Kwon Soon Hong, a plastic surgeon and director at JK Plastic Surgery Center in South Korea, says, “You have fat in those parts that you can easily remove by exercise and diet. Zeltiq has almost no pain and does not even need anesthesia. You can return to your daily life right after the operation, so it is appropriate for busy modern people. In addition, it has permanent lipolysis effects, and is popular among those who want to perfectly remove excessive body fat.”

Zeltiq, a painless fat reduction, can be done on your face, armpit, arms, upper abdomen, and calves. Especially, it is applicable to thighs, fat on the upper part of your knees, and love handles, which are known to be hardly removed even by exercise. Thus, it is very popular.

Director Kwon Soon Hong advises, “In order to expect satisfactory fat reduction effects, skills of the operating surgeon are the most important. Therefore, you must first consult with a skilled specialist, determine the parts and the degree of the operation, and then safely receive the operation.”

In order to get great results of operation without worries over side-effects, you must check the safety system of the hospital as well as the skills of the operating surgeon. JK Plastic Surgery Center has received an achievement award for its excellent results of attracting foreign patients from the Gangnam-gu Office. The hospital has an anesthesiologist and nurses always in the hospital and a CPR team, in order to be a safe plastic surgery hospital. In addition, it has an operation room, to which the US FED, Standard209D is applied, for doing its best for keeping safety, and boasts a record of no accident for 19 years thanks to its skilled specialists’ collaboration. (photo by: JK Plastic Surgery Center, bntnews DB)

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