Curious about Celebrities’ Diet Tips Such as Suzy, Seolhyun, Kang Sora and Park Boram

[by Lee Hee Soo, translated by Woorim Ahn] Stars perfectly digest their outfits with their beautiful body figures. They always catch the mass public’s attention with the gorgeous lines.

However, they might not be born as to be perfect. Their bodies are the outcomes of their consistent efforts and sweats. Celebrities overcame the times with pains for diet and here are their tips for successful diets.

1. Suzy

Suzy is an all-around entertainer, who is capable of acting and singing. Her tremendous popularity never seems to go away with various talents. She was lovely when she was chubby, but she now shows off her upgraded beauty as she succeeded in a diet.

Suzy chose to have dietary foods to lose her weight. She ate a chunk of chicken breast and a sweet potato for breakfast and brown rice and salad for lunch. Moreover, she never ate a single thing after 6pm. Those who love to eat late night, think of Suzy’s beautiful body and stimulate your diet.

2. Seolhyun

Seolhyun is chosen as the most charming idol group member. She received much spotlight from the mass public after her diet with her pretty face and western-figured body. Since her weight went down from sixties to forties kg, her efforts were countless.

She almost gave up being a girl group because of the diet and her agency completely took perfect control on her dietary foods. She had to drink a cup of protein drink each day and she never had anything else after 5pm.

3. Kang Sora

Actress Kang Sora has lots of manias with her acting skills and charming face. She was once chubby, but she is now catching the fans’ attention with beautiful dress lines whenever she pops up at official events.

Kang Sora’s tips were having three meals a day. She ate almonds, walnuts, pine nuts and other nuts for every meal and she put fruits and Chinese yam in yogurts for breakfast. For lunch, she filled up her tummy with warm porridges and she had salads with meats such as chicken breasts. No late night munchies were allowed, so she could be reborn with beautiful body lines with ballet.

4. Park Boram

She showed up in Mnet ‘Superstar K2’ in 2010 and she came back with ‘Pretty’ in 2014. She lost 32kg and became ‘Pretty’ like her song after the diet. The lyrics tell how much she tried hard for losing her weight.

She woke up in the morning and had a tomato, a sweet potato, a piece of chicken breast and vegetables. After a workout session, she ate chicken breast salads and dietary drink with banana, 3 whites of eggs and a yolk. Currently, she eats whatever she wants and maintains her body with exercises.

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