How to Get Hairline Like Celebrities

[by Park Seunghyun] Your features have great impacts on your impression, but you can improve your impression by adding a neat hairline.

You can complete an egg-shaped face by trimming your uneven hairline, and even reduce your broad forehead. Thus, you can make a younger look and a neat image.

Recently, many people correct their hairline like that of idols or by using cosmetics. However, it is not that you can get everything perfect just by correcting your hairline. If you want to get a hairline like that of entertainers, it is important to begin from the very basic care.

Step 01. Waxing on Hairline

A narrow forehead easily makes a bad impression. Many people hide their narrow forehead with bangs, but recently, waxing on hairline is popular. Since it trims fine hairs on your forehead, it can make a natural-looking forehead with good impression. 

Parissa Hot Wax, which is able to do face waxing, is available for your eyebrows and philtrum as well as your hairline. Parissa Wax, which is depilatory with natural substances, may be used for sensitive skin since it has no toxin and no preservative. The brand is also known to not use animal experiments. 

Step 02. Hairline Makeup

You may hate your hairline because of thin hair even though you don’t have a M-shaped hairline. How about doing a hairline makeup for presenting a perfect hairline even in the busy morning?

Mamonde Pangpang Hair Shadow trims your uneven hairline, and makes your face look younger with a round forehead. It comes in three different colors of Baby Face Hair, Light Brown, and Reddish Brown. You can select one of the colors to fit your hair color.

Step 03. Prevent Hair Loss from Hairline

The most important thing in your hairline is thick hair. If you have already begun to lose hair from your hairline, hairline correction is not a complete answer.

Ecomine’s Haesol Anti-Hairloss Day Tonic is a nourishing tonic for intensively taking care of your hair’s thickness. Especially, nourishing is the most important for poor hairline. Since the Anti-Hairloss Day Tonic is a kind of quasi-drugs, it intensively takes care of your hair in a stable manner and especially provides great effects for weak hair. (photo by: bntnews DB, Ecomine, Mamonde, Parissa)


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