Be Lovely, Stars’ Styles with Choppy Bangs

[by Hwang Yeondo] The trend in the last season was ‘see-through bangs’, and the hot trend in 2016 is ‘choppy bangs’. 

The word choppy bangs is made of ‘choppy’, which means uneven, and ‘bangs’. It means a hairstyle that maximizes a cute image by making your bangs very short to be over your eyebrows. Recently, many female celebrities such as girl group members and actresses, including Sulli, Jung Yumi, and Gain, are trying choppy bangs. 

Choppy bangs might look unrefined and poor. Here’s how to perfectly get choppy bangs for those women who hesitate to try it. 

Lee Sung Kyung & Gain >> Bobbed Hair + Choppy Bangs

Uneven choppy bangs match well with bobbed hair, as they can emphasize a cute image. Lee Sung Kyung, who is recently acting as Kim Bok Joo in MBC drama ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’, is gaining great popularity so that she is so well received as ‘meeting the character of her life’. Her choppy bangs maximize her lovely charm, and are a great choice.

Gain, who is famous as one of fashion people, has tried short bangs which show her eyebrows. She matched a black knitwear, which shows her shoulder, choppy bangs, clear eyeline, and pink lips, which could present both sexy and adorable image. 

Kim Saerom & Joy >> Blonde + Choppy Bangs

Entertainer Kim Saerom, who boasts bright, beautiful skin, showed a unique style with blond and choppy bangs that make your clear skin more outstanding. Here, she presented natural eyebrow makeup and red lips, completing a sensible mood.

Joy from Red Velvet tried bright hair and lovely choppy bangs as the group came back with their third mini album called’ Russian Roulette’. Here, she added a fresh image with her eyebrows in a matching tone with her bright skin and lemon-colored hair and a light pink blusher.

Sulli & Jung Yumi >> Lovely + Choppy Bangs

Sulli, who is attracting the attention with her adorable beauty, has recently made a topic with her short bangs and beautiful makeup. Here, she has showed a trendy fashion, being picked as a star women want to be like.

Actress Jung Yumi is also attracting the attention by trying drastic choppy bangs. She boasted her young-looking beauty with her individuality by matching her doll-like beauty and short bangs. 

Tips for Makeup Matching Choppy Bangs

It is not that you can become beautiful like celebrities just by having your bangs cut short. The charm of choppy bangs increases when you add a perfect makeup. Since choppy bangs show your eyebrows, you must pay the greatest attention to your eyebrow makeup.

Trim your eyebrows into a neat shape by using the Auto Eyebrow Pencil. After that, finish your eyebrow makeup by using a browcara similar to your hair color, and you can present more natural-looking eyebrow makeup. You had better draw a straight eyebrow with a round, lower end for your choppy bangs, since a natural, mild image can increase choppy bangs’ charm more than a clear, strong image does.

You can say you have completed half a makeup for choppy bangs just by perfectly completing your eyebrow makeup. The rest half depends on blusher and lip makeup. Apply a blusher in a color that matches your skin tone in the shape of an inverted triangle from under your eyes to the upper parts of your cheekbones, and finish your makeup by applying a light pink or peach color on your lips. Then, you can complete a fresh, lively makeup. 

[Editor`s Pick]

1. Innisfree ‘Auto Eyebrow Pencil’ is able to draw a natural-looking eyebrow by using a broad elliptical pencil lead. It has soft texture and can be used for your skin without irritation. It comes in a total of seven colors, and is able to present a neat, sophisticated impression. 

2. Innisfree ‘Ultrafine Browcara’ presents a natural eyebrow makeup by coloring your eyebrows. After shaping your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, apply a browcara in a similar color to your hair color, and you can present a more natural-looking makeup. 

3. ESTEE LAUDER ‘Envy Vinyl Lip Color’ adds plumping effects and volume to your lips, so you can present three-dimensional lips. In addition, it is able to keep clear colors for eight hours.

4. LANEIGE ‘Skin Veil Foundation EX SPF 25 PA++’ covers your skin well enough even when only a small quantity of it is applied. Even if you apply it repeatedly on your skin, you can present clean skin without cakey makeup, so it is proper for transparent skin makeup.

5. THE SAEM ‘THE HAM Cushion Blusher’ is a cushion-type blusher which provides much moisture. It evenly sticks to your skin without excessive powder or cakey parts. In addition, its clear colors can provide vitality to your cheeks. 

6. Benefit ‘High Beam Liquid Highlighter’ is a pink-colored liquid highlighter, which emphasizes your facial contour and makes your skin gently glowing. (photo by: bntnews DB, Innisfree, ESTEE LAUDER, THE SAEM, LANEIGE, Benefit)


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